2 Quick, Inexpensive Temporary Fixes For Your Leaking Metal Water Pipes

When you have a leaking metal pipe, you need to stop the flow of water as soon as possible to keep any water damage to a minimum. If you want to temporarily fix the pipe until a more permanent solution can be found, use one of the following two quick and inexpensive methods listed below.

Cover A Rusty Hole With A Beer Can

The first method of stopping a leaky metal pipe is to cover it with a makeshift patch made out of a beer can, epoxy glue, and two adjustable pipe clamps. A beer can is thicker than a soda can and will hold up a little longer under the water pressure. 

The epoxy glue and pipe clamps are available at most department and home improvement stores. You will also need a utility knife and flathead screwdriver to make the patch.

Empty the beer can either by drinking it or pouring it out. Then, use the utility knife to cut off the top and bottom, as well as making a straight, vertical cut down one side. 

Open the can up and wrap it around the leaking, rusted area on the pipe. If more than an inch overlaps, mark the can and remove it. Cut off the excess. 

After you have sized the patch, open the can up slightly and apply epoxy glue around the edges. Re-wrap the pipe and hold firm pressure for two minutes to allow it to adhere to the metal. Let go of the can and fill in any gaps you see between it and the pipe with glue.

Once the can has been sealed with epoxy, completely unscrew the adjustment on the pipe clamps until you are able to open them. Place one on both ends of the can, then replace and tighten the screw until it is hand tight. The clamps will ensure a tighter seal around the edges so that water is not able to escape.

Let the patch sit for an hour to allow the glue to fully dry. Then, turn the water back on and check for any leaks around the edges of the can. If you see any water dripping, turn it back off and dry the area with a towel. Reapply the epoxy to the leaky spots, wait an hour, and recheck it. 

Wrap The Pipe With Water Pipe Tape

Water pipe tape has an epoxy resin that is activated when exposed to water. After the pipe has been wrapped, the adhesive will bind to the metal and create a seal, preventing it from leaking.

The tape can be found in home improvement stores, hardware stores, and many department stores. You will also need a pair of rubber gloves and a small bucket of warm water.

To use the tape, double wrap the pipe two inches on both sides of the leak. After securing the dry tape, put the gloves on and dip them into the bucket of water until they are dripping wet. Using firm pressure, coat the pipe with water using your gloved hands until the resin becomes very sticky.

After allowing the tape to dry for an hour, turn the water back on and check for any leakage. If you see any, turn the water back off and repeat with another coating of tape.

While the above methods are effective for stopping any leaks, they are only temporary until something else can be done. If you do not feel comfortable attempting permanent fixes yourself, you may want to call a plumbing service so that they can assess the damage and recommend the best course of action. You can find a professional at http://www.a1plumbers.com.