A Guide To Appliance Repair Wizadry

Every day, appliance repair companies are called to the homes of frustrated individuals. Oftentimes, they're in and out of the customers' homes in minutes. How is this possible? How can they ease the woes of troubled appliance owners in a mere fraction of the time the customers have spent troubleshooting their faulty equipment?

The answer is simple: their appliance wizardry comes from having been in the business long enough to recognize the common problems that occur with each type of appliance, and know the easy fixes that remedy them. If you have an appliance that is on the fritz, try your own hand at appliance wizardry with the following fast, easy-fix magic spells for common appliance problems.

Exorcism Of A Rocking Clothes Washer

When thou hast a washer that quivers and shakes, adjusting the legs is all that it takes. 

Fetch your screwdriver-wand and some strong pieces of wood, then lift the front of your washer and prop it up.

If the legs must go up, turn the screws to the right. If down they should go, turn left with your might. 

Now lower the washer and jar it a bit. If it seems good and flat, lock the nuts, and that's it.

Spell To Warm A Cold Clothes Dryer

When faced with a dryer that will never get hot, often unnecessary repair people are sought.

Before you panic and summon an aid, consider the most common mistake that is made.

Check your dryer settings and avoid the one labeled "fluff" -- it's a non-heat setting, for delicate stuff.

If you find that your dryer is set to this spot, just pick a different setting and you'll soon feel it hot.

Resurrection Of A Refrigerator

If your fridge suddenly dies, it'll give you a scare, but your problem is probably just your beasts and their hair.

You'll have to work quickly to prevent ration spoils, so pop off the grill cover to access the coils.

These coils cool the fluid that keeps your fridge cold so when they're covered with pet hair, the compressor is tolled. 

Fetch a coil-cleaning brush from your local supply store, then poke away at the coils util the fur is no more.

This thorough cleaning will bring your fridge pleasure. Now replace your fridge's grill, and brush your pets for good measure.

Remedy For A Hexed Dishwasher

If your dishwasher runs, yet won't clean your wares, it's probably got food stuck deep in its lairs.

This buildup of meal stuffs is very unwise; take out the bottom rack and spin the filter counter-clockwise.

It should pop right out with the greatest of ease. Next, bring it to the sink and wash off the debris.

If it's especially greasy, heat some water to bubbling, then pour it over the filter to fix your problem so troubling.

Once all this is done, replace the filter and rack. You'll find your dishwasher has its effectiveness back.

Charm A Nonworking Garbage Disposal

A tip known by every appliance wizardry teacher is that garbage disposals all have the same safety feature.

If the motor is stressed, the unit gets really hot and "for safety reasons" it says, "I will start not!"

But you can calm down this machine that's making a stink; just open the cupboard under your sink.

You'll find a red button on the unit's top or its side; place your finger on this button and push it with pride.

You've just used your appliance wizardry skills to fix your broken disposal and save on repair bills.

While sometimes it's necessary to call an appliance repair person, many common problems that arise with your equipment can be handed yourself with a little know-how magic. The next time you experience problems with one of your devices, try the above wizardry tricks before calling in a more experienced appliance sorcerer. Click here for info on appliance repair.