2 All Natural Ways To Evict Termites From Your Wooden Fence

If you have a wooden fence around your property, chances are you will deal with a termite infestation at one point or another. While liquid termiticide treatments do the trick, these products contain harmful chemicals that are unhealthy to breathe in and that are bad for the environment. Instead, try these two all natural ways to get rid of the termites that are eating away at your fence:

Orange Oil

Orange oil contains an active ingredient called D-Limonene. D-Limonene is an all natural insecticide. When termites come in contact with this active ingredient, it immediately poisons them and destroys all of their cell membranes. When this occurs, the termite essentially loses all its water and protein. In turn, the termite dies.

In order to use this all natural insecticide, you will first need to put on a pair of protective gloves and prepare the orange oil. Simply take a spray bottle and add an entire bottle of orange oil into the spray bottle. Because you want the application to be effective and potent, you needn't worry about adding water to the mix. 

Next, you will need to take a drill and drill a tiny hole into your wooden fence. The hole should be deep enough so that it reaches the population of termites within the wood.  Once you have drilled your first hole, take the spray bottle and aim the nozzle into the hole.

Begin to spray the orange oil into the small opening. Continue to spray until the opening is drenched. Next, you will want to drill another small hole on the next post of the fence that is affected by termites. Repeat the spraying process. Continue to do this for all posts that are affected.

In time, you will begin to notice that the termites have fallen out of the holes you have drilled. They will be dead at this point. To dispose of them, simply put on a pair or protective plastic gloves, scoop them up, and place them in a garbage bag. You also may choose to repair the damage from the drilling. 

Because some people may experience allergic reactions, eye irritation, and skin irritation, it is important that protective gloves are always worn while handling orange oil. It is also important that it is never ingested. 

Neem Oil

Neem oil is an all natural insecticide that contains several active ingredients. When a termite comes in contact with this oil, the oil enters their system and blocks their hormones from working in the proper fashion. When this occurs, the termite will end up forgetting how to mate or eat. 

Without mating and eating, a termite will no longer live. In order to use neem oil on your wooden fence, you will first need to make your oil mixture. To do this, simply pour a bit of neem oil into a spray bottle. You then will want to dilute the oil with some hot water. Give the spray bottle a good shake! 

Next, go to the affected fence and locate any holes or openings that are already in the wood. Be sure you are doing this on each side of the fence.  Once you locate these openings, begin to spray the inside of each opening with the mixture. Make sure you are being generous with your spraying! 

You also will want to spray the ground that is around the wooden fence. Give the neem oil a day or two to work its magic. Once you come back outside to check on your progress, you will notice plenty of dead termites on the ground. 

To dispose of them, simply use a broom and a dustpan to sweep them up. You also can simply use protective gloves and scoop them up manually. Place them in a garbage bag and say goodbye to your termite problem!

The methods above are 100% natural and safe for the environment. Click for more info on inexpensive, effective, and convenient termite treatments.