4 Health Benefits Of Hot Tubs You Didn't Expect

Did you know that hot tubs are good for more than just relaxing your muscles? These "baths in a box" provide a wide variety of health benefits you've probably never even considered. If you have specific health conditions you want to treat, or are just looking for a general health tonic that feels good to use, a hot tub is the perfect addition to your home. Here are four health benefits of hot tubs that make them indispensable to any household.

1. Hot Tubs Improve the Symptoms of Arthritis

Soaking in the wonderfully warm water of a hot tub can ease the pain of arthritis. When joints become inflamed, swollen, stiff, and painful due to arthritis, soaking them in warm water can be very helpful. The warm water of a hot tub puts pressure on the joints that decreases the inflammation that causes all of the other joint problems.

It also loosens up the soft tissues around the joints, which increases range of motion and flexibility. Further, the buoyancy of the water releases tension on the joints, leading to reduced pain. A good soak in a hot tub on a regular basis is just the thing you need if you are suffering with arthritis pain.

2. Hot Tubs Make a Good Treatment for Diabetes

Hot tubs are good for people with diabetes. This isn't just a theory, either. According to DiabetesHealth.com, using a hot tub regularly can help people with Type 2 diabetes. The health benefits come in the form of lowered blood sugar and weight loss. 

Diabetes can cause neuropathy, which causes numbness in the feet (and sometimes hands or other parts of the body). While a hot tub is definitely helpful for people with diabetes, care must be used if neuropathy is a concern. Setting the water to a temperature of no more than 100 F will ensure that no accidental burns or scalding ensues from using a hot tub, while still allowing you to receive all of the health benefits.

3. The Cold Cure

Soaking in a hot tub can also cure a cold. Raising the body's temperature by being in a hot tub will trigger a strong response from the immune system. If you're suffering from a cold, this means you could recover faster. Science is still trying to determine if a hot tub session is really the long-sought cure for the common cold, but it does seem promising.

At the very least, the steam from the hot water in the tub will clear stuffy nasal passages and sinuses. It will also relax you, which makes it easier for you to get the healing sleep that leads to a speedier recovery. Those things alone make a hot tub a healthy thing to use if you're feeling under the weather.

4. Weight Loss

You can lose a small number of pounds by using a hot tub. The hot tub raises your body temperature, which makes your body work harder to cool itself. This extra work makes your body mimic the conditions it would be in if you were participating in cardiovascular exercise. The result is weight loss.

The amount of weight you lose will be small, because you shouldn't spend long periods of time in a hot tub (10 to 20 minutes maximum, or its health benefits could start being reversed by prolonged use). Yet, if you are looking to lose just a few pounds and regular exercise is hard for you due to disability or some other reason, using a hot tub is the perfect weight loss solution.


A hot tub from places like California Home Spas & Patio is not only a relaxation device, it is a tool for improved health. Some doctors even recommend them to their patients, especially those who have chronic pain or arthritis. Whether you're using your hot tub for pleasure, health, or both, you will be glad you bought one.