Educate Your New Driver About Garage Safety

If you have a teenager in your home who is about to get a driving permit or license, you are most likely concerned about their safety on the road and where they will be going with their new found freedom. However, if you have a garage, make sure you educate your new driver about some of the dangers closer to home. Below are some common garage safety tips you should review with your new driver several times during his or her first few months of driving. 

Lock the Door Between the Garage and Your Home 

If your teen usually comes and goes from the front door, he or she may not be used to locking the garage door before entering their vehicle. You may need to remind your teen a few times that both the garage door and the door leading to your house should remain closed and locked whenever they are not in use. 

Start the Car After the Garage Door Has Been Opened 

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious concern, and can happen more quickly than you expect in a closed garage. You should teach your teen to open the garage door before starting their vehicle, and to move the vehicle into the driveway if they will be allowing it to warm up before traveling. 

Never Leave the Garage Door Opener in the Car 

Whether you are parked in front of your home or miles away, if you leave your garage door opener in your vehicle there is a possibility of a thief finding it and tracing it back to your home, allowing them easy access to your belongings.

Ideally, each set of keys will have their own garage door opener and they should be kept with the driver at all times. If you are sharing a vehicle and only have one garage door opener, it should be kept out of the vehicle so that you and your teen get used to taking it to and from the car. 

Be Aware of Intruders at Night 

Although it is more common for intruders to enter your home when no one is home, there is still a small possibility that an intruder can enter through the large garage door while you are leaving or returning to your home. 

You should teach your teen to keep their attention on the garage door until it is fully closed before he or she leaves the driveway. If your teen is returning home at night, he or she should remain in the vehicle with his or her attention on the garage door, until the door closes completely behind them. 

Lock Your Car, Even in the Garage 

Locally stolen motor vehicles represent the most monetary loss due to theft for individuals nationwide. Many people may think that their vehicle is safe once it is inside their garage door. However, if a burglar is able to invade your garage, an unlocked vehicle is an invitation for theft. 

You should remind your teen to lock his or her vehicle whenever they exit, even if the vehicle is parked at home. 

Know Where the Safety Mechanism is on Your Garage Door 

The garage door safety release may need to be used if there is an object stuck under the door, preventing it from closing fully or opening. Since your teen will be using the garage door more often, it is important that he or she knows where the safety mechanism is, and how and when to use it. 

Having a new driver in the house can be exciting for the whole household. However, make sure you protect that driver and yourself by reviewing garage safety often. A garage door company in your area can provide you with more tips, so be sure to check it out.