4 Window Upgrades To Minimize Damage From The Elements

Many people only think about the need for weather-resistant windows if they live in hurricane-prone areas. However, other weather-related damage from straight-line winds, hail, tree limbs, or the daily impact of the sun's rays can cause damage to your home and personal possessions. There are several window replacement options or upgrades you may want to consider to help minimize the impact of weather on your home.

Safety Glass

A major safety concern when considering weather-related damage is the effects of wind or items that turn into projectiles during storms. Since damage to your window is not always avoidable, you should consider having the glass in your windows replaced with safety glass to reduce the likelihood of personal injury if the glass breaks.

Instead of breaking into large, sharp pieces, safety glass is designed to shatter into small pieces that are usually smooth. Some forms of safety glass may crack after substantial impact, but remain contained inside the window frame. Many types of safety glass are also designed to require more force to break than other types of glass, which makes this type of glass more weather-resistant.

Storm Shutters

There are many types of storm shutters available and the right type for your home depends on your aesthetic preference and functionality. If you want shutters that take up less space so they are not as noticeable around your window, you may want to consider accordion-style shutters. With accordion shutters, they are easily folded by moving them along the track. Another option for storm shutters, if you want a discreet option, is shutters that roll down over your window. When the shutter is open, it is encased in a roller that is installed over the window.

Many models of storm shutters are available with remote control capabilities, which are useful if you live in an area that receives severe thunder storms or you need to quickly close the shutters during an emergency. You can remotely close the shutters from inside your home with little warning. If you are mostly concerned about storm damage from hurricanes, manually-operated storm shutters are fine because you will have adequate warning of an impending hurricane.

Another benefit of installing and using storm shutters is reducing the likelihood of water damage to your home during a storm. If a window breaks or rain manages to seep in through the window frame, the extra layer of protection from storm shutters can prevent costly water damage.

Aluminum Windows

You may currently have wood or vinyl windows, but consider replacing your current windows with aluminum for better weather-resistance. Much like storm shutters that are made from aluminum, aluminum windows are excellent for minimizing the impact of projectiles during high winds or hail. Ideally, when choosing a weather-resistant window, you should select an aluminum frame in combination with safety glass, for the most benefits.

Glass With UV Protection

If you enjoy allowing natural light into your home, replacing your current windows with glass that offers UV protection can allow you to continue to enjoy sunlight, while preventing UV rays from damaging items inside your home. Although you may not recognize the impact of UV exposure for many years, over time UV light causes items to discolor.

The damage from UV rays is especially important if you have pictures or other cherished items inside your home that cannot be replaced. In addition to the discoloration caused by UV light, you may find that pictures or newspaper clipping easily crumble with constant UV exposure. Clothes and household furniture can fade in color with constant direct exposure to UV rays.

There are several features available for windows that can reduce the impact of weather on your home. Upgrading your existing windows is a small investment that can save you money in the future. Click here for more info on replacing or upgrading your windows.