Do You Need To Have Your Trees Trimmed?

Sometimes tree trimming is required by the city or utility company, but if your trees are not near power lines or the street you may never receive a mandate to care for your trees. However, a major storm can cause some serious damage if your trees are not properly cared for. Look for these signs that it is time to hire a service, like Pete & Ron's Tree Service, to work on your trees.

Whenever You See a Number of Dead or Diseased Branches

Dead tree branches are a menace during storms. Since they represent a weak point in the tree, it will take far less wind force to bring these branches down than others, making them a hazard to your home and property. For this reason any dead wood should be removed immediately.

Just like a person, it is important to have a sick tree evaluated as soon as possible. Some diseases are not curable, and the weakened tree must be removed so it does not become a hazard. If the infection is something that can be managed, you need to do so as soon as possible before it either kills the tree or spreads to others.

The symptoms of tree diseases vary, but it is safe to say that any tree with wilting or no leaves should be looked at. An arborist will be able to diagnose the cause and provide you with the proper course of action.

If There Are Any Branches Causing an Immediate Problem

Low hanging branches are a nuisance and should be removed. It might be tempting to leave a branch that is overhanging your garage or is brushing up against the house, but keep in mind that it is not only dead or diseased wood that falls during a storm. Low hanging branches that are located over your home or car are a serious threat to your possessions.

In addition, trees are an ecosystem all their own. Small animals, birds and insects all naturally make their home in the branches. Any branches that reach far enough to touch your home are a superhighway for all these outdoor critters to enter in your home. Keeping trees and bushes trimmed away from your home is an important part of pest management.

At Least Once a Year, Regardless of Other Factors

Ideally, you should have your trees trimmed once a year, usually in the spring or early summer. This will allow you to not only have serious issues taken care of on a regular basis, but it is best for the health and beauty of your trees to have a regular trim.

  • Hardwoods sometimes need to have their crowns thinned out to allow more light through and strengthen the remaining branches.
  • As discussed, low hanging branches must be removed. If trimming is done regularly, then these side branches can be removed before the tree has invested a large amount of resources in them.
  • Any time a trunk splits into a V shape it creates a weak point in the tree, making it more susceptible to wind damage. One branch should always be removed, and the tree will naturally straighten and strengthen the other branch as part of its growth pattern.
  • It is vital not to remove too much of the tree at one time. By having trimming done annually, you can correct growth patterns over the course of several sessions. This reduces the shock to the tree.

Since trees can do some serious damage to your home and property, it is worth the investment to have them properly cared for. Annual maintenance will allow you to keep the tree healthy and attractive, addressing problems as soon as they arise. At a minimum, you need to have your trees trimmed as soon as a serious issue develops so that the damaged wood does not end up being am unwanted part of your house the next time a thunderstorm rolls through your area.