Dumb Ways To Die: The Untimely Death Of Refrigerators

If you think your refrigerator has issues, then read on to discover some of the dumbest things refrigerators do to end their lives prematurely. If you see any of these tendencies in your own refrigerator, you should contact a refrigerator repair service for intervention before it's too late. Here's the details on Icebox, Side-By-Side, Cooler, Freezer, and Chiller. (Please note that the names of the victims have been changed to protect the appliances' families.)

5 Dumbest Ways Refrigerators Have Died:

1) Flashing The Other Appliances

When the authorities received a call about a refrigerator that would not keep her doors closed, they expected it to be an open and shut case. Unfortunately, the owners of the appliance had waited too long to report the incident, and the compressor had burned out completely. While replacing the compressor for the refrigerator was an still an option, the operation was going to cost more than replacing the entire unit. It was at this point that the owners realized it was best to just lay the young Icebox to rest.

2) Hoarding Dust Bunnies

Side-By-Side had a good life. He was always full of tasty foods, and his owners kept drawers wiped down and free of clutter. Unfortunately, Side-By-Side had a dirty secret... one that you wouldn't notice unless you looked behind him. The dust bunnies that Side-By-Side had been collecting on his condenser coils were considered friends, but they were actually leaching energy from him the entire time.

When Side-By-Side released his last gasp of cold air, the owners ordered a new refrigerator to take his place. It wasn't until they pulled out young Side-By-Side that they realized his collection of dust bunnies. They were so thick on his back, that they were impossible to remove completely. His owners said they never even knew he had a problem.

3) Addiction To Harmful Chemicals

Cooler was a crotchety old refrigerator, and she was holding onto the good ol' days when refrigerators ran on CFC's. (The labeling on these old fridges will mention R-11, R-12, or freon.) Cooler was jonesing for a recharge, so she started protesting to her owners by melting the food in her freezer. What Cooler didn't realize was that recharging her had become illegal, and her owners could not help her without an expensive retrofitting job (changing the components she ran on completely). 

Cooler's owners decided to send Cooler away when a new refrigerator arrived a few days later. She was completely unaware of her surroundings and oblivious to the err of her ways when the recycling plant disassembled her soon after that.

4) Faking A Defrost

Once the frost in Freezer's compartment started to grow too thick, it was obvious that Freezer was due for a defrost. Instead of clearing out his contents into the fridge and a couple of ice chests, Freezer decided a short-cut was the best way to get the job done quickly. 

"Just do it!" Freezer told his owners. One of Freezer's owners stabbed at the icy surface of Freezer's frozen components with an ice pick, and that was when a hissing sound indicated the mortal wound. The refrigerant line had been punctured, and Freezer's life ended immediately.

5) Splitting The Workload

Chiller never liked working very hard, so when his owners decided to share his outlet with another appliance, he was happy to oblige. Chiller found the new scenario offered the perfect excuse to turn on and off intermittently. When Coffee would brew a pot, Chiller would shut off completely. The infrequent surge of electricity through Chiller proved to be disastrous in the end. He ended up working harder than ever when he had full power, and eventually died from a power surge.

When the appliance repairman came to resuscitate Chiller, he immediately discovered the problem had been developing for a long time. Had Chiller had his own dedicated outlet, then the power surge may never have impacted him to such a degree. If the repairman had been contacted sooner, he could have configured a GFCI circuit breaker that would have protected him from his demise.

Having a keen eye for problematic tendencies in your own appliances (and seeking help at the first sign of a problem) is the best way to help your own refrigerator live out a fuller life. Make sure your refrigerator closes properly, keeps a clean exterior, and uses ozone-friendly components. Properly cleaning and defrosting your unit, and using a dedicated circuit and repairman from places like Appliance Repair of the Rockies will protect your refrigerator from senseless (and fatal) accidents.