Keep Your Windows Looking Their Best With These Window Care & Maintenance Tips

Regular care and proper maintenance are vital to great looking windows. You will save not only money, but your home will look incredible for longer if you look after it properly. It is possible for any vinyl or aluminum window frames to appear new for many years to come, but then you have to adhere to the following:

Frame Cleaning – The Don'ts

  • Do not use a razor sharp blade, abrasive pad, or putty knife
  • Do not use weep hole baffles/covers or oil-based lubricants
  • Do not use any solvents or cleaners that are abrasive, caustic, or petroleum-based
  • Do not ever add any attachments to the glass or window that is not approved by the manufacturers

Frame Cleaning – The Do's

  • Test cleaners on a different surface first
  • Clean door and window frames with a water and mild dish soap mixture
  • Clean weep holes and tracks
  • Use clear water to rinse frame and then use a soft cloth to wipe dry
  • Check hardware and weather stripping
  • Use proper cleaning agents to clean the insulating glass

Correctly Clean and Care for Your Window Glass

Do you enjoy looking through clean windows all of the time? To keep your glass looking beautiful each day, you need to recognize that all glass, including heat reflective, low-e, and insulating glass requires the correct care at all times.

Glass Cleaning – The Don'ts

  • Do not wash windows in direct sunlight
  • Do not clean windows using an abrasive pad, putty knife, or a razor blade
  • Do not use any caustic chemicals or petroleum-based cleaners on glass
  • Do not use a high-pressure spray nozzle to rinse off or wash windows

Glass Cleaning – The Do's

  • Use water and mild dish soap to wash windows
  • Rinse windows off using clear water and wipe them dry using a soft cloth (this will avoid the forming of water spots)
  • Screens should first be removed for cleaning, then placed on a clean, flat surface and cleaned with water, soft brush, and mild soap. Thereafter, rinse them, wipe dry, and reinstall.

Make Sure, that Doors and Windows Lock, Unlock, Open, and Close Effortlessly For Many Years to Follow

It is a pleasure to have windows and doors that open and close without trouble all year long. To keep your doors and windows operating without trouble, you need to perform certain steps frequently, which include:

  • Before each wash, you need to vacuum any dirt from the track and windowsill areas.
  • Regularly check that weep or drainage holes are dirt-free and free of obstructions. A soft, small bottlebrush is perfect for cleaning these areas.
  • Lubricate moving parts in the rollers, tracks, and hardware components frequently. Near coastal regions, this should happen at least once per month.
  • Check that the weatherstripping around operable door and window panels seal evenly.
  • Adjust any sliding door rollers to maintain the correct height clearance. Using a screwdriver is usually enough to adjust most sliding doors. The access holes are at the bottom, either in the side or in the end of the sliding panel. Always lift the panel to ensure that you take the weight off the roller during the adjustment process.
  • To slide smoothly at all times, you can easily adjust your sliding door. Again, a screwdriver will suffice. Usually, you need to adjust it in all four of the corners.
  • Whenever you make any of the above adjustments, you will regularly need to adjust the lock strike placement too. This can usually be done by loosening the screw fasteners, moving the strike plate, and then re-tightening it. Ensure that the lock functions properly. 

When you stick to the above mentioned window care and maintenance tips, you are going to experience no problems with the way that your windows and frames appear, as well as function.