3 Driveway Gate Options That You Will Love

If you are looking for a way to spruce up your boring driveway, you should consider installing an entry gate. Not only do gates help to amp up security, but they have also been found to improve your home's resale value by as much as 5%. Homeowners shopping for new entry gates are often confronted with a nearly endless array of choices. Here are three neat options that you should consider for your new gate system.

1: Custom Iron Wrought Gates

You know on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when the intricately designed Wonka gates open to the public for the first time? That same excitement and bewilderment can encompass your visitors if you invest in a custom-made iron wrought entry gate.

Believe it or not, you aren't bound by the stick-straight or frilly designs stacked around your local gate warehouse. By working with custom gate artisans, you can make your entry gate something special. Here are a few ideas that you might want to use when you design your gate.

  • Coat of Arms: Looking for a way to honor your family name in a high-end way? Consider adding a beautiful coat of arms to the top of your gate. Metal smiths can create strong, detailed crests, which can be securely fastened to side posts, or welded into the gate itself.
  • Monograms: If you aren't super keen on plastering your last name all over your driveway, consider adding your initials into the gate design. Ironworkers can create smooth, consistently shaped letters in a huge variety of different fonts, and then place them within the bars of the gate structure.
  • Special Hobbies: Did you make all of your money in the music or sports industry? Consider adding a great treble clef or a few sports symbols in your gate design.
  • Estate Name: Your dream home is your baby, so why not give it a name? Consider naming your estate, and then welding the words into your gate. Visitors will be able to find your house easily, without second-guessing their directions.

Customized wrought iron entry gates allow you to express your personality, while setting your house apart from the others on your street.

2: Solar-Powered Systems

Are you concerned about reducing your carbon footprint?  If you want the benefits that a gate will provide, but don't love the idea of draining your power grid during the day, consider investing in a solar-powered system.

Solar panel gate systems generally contain all of the regular hardware that gates use, but instead of being hard-wired to your house, they are powered independently by solar panels. These panels collect power from the sun during the day, and store extra juice in batteries to use at night or during cloudy conditions.

Not only will solar panel gates make you feel better about your impact on the environment, but they also might save you money on your monthly power bill.

3: Photo Eyes and Safety Edges

Are you nervous about your 3,000-pound iron gate accidentally closing on your carefully restored vintage convertible? Unfortunately, not every gate is designed to know when to open and shut on its own. The great news is that you can make your gate smarter by installing photo eyes and safety edges.

Photo eyes use invisible laser beams to detect objects or motion within the gate area. After the gate opens, it will remain open until the photo eyes stop sensing objects in the path of the gate. Not only does this keep cars from being smashed, but it can also keep kids or pets from being injured by your mechanical system.

Safety edges are another feature that might help your gate to respond appropriately. These devices are usually installed onto the edges of gates, and sense any form of impact. If the gate contacts any object, the safety edge will immediately notify the control system, and the gate will open back up.

Adding an entry gate will add an element of sophistication to your home, while keeping your family safe. Check out sites like http://www.automatedgateservices.com for more information.