Three Ways To Ensure You're Working With A Reliable Dumpster Rental Company

You may not think that services differ much from one dumpster rental company to the next, but you'd be surprised. A few companies may not even work with you directly—instead they'll subcontract another company who provides the dumpster . A few of the advantages of working with a reputable dumpster rental company include a guarantee of excellent service, fewer fees, and a high quality dumpster of the appropriate size for the project you're working on. The following tips will help you locate the dumpster rental company that can give you the best experience during the process.

1. Cut Out the Middleman

Some dumpster rental companies are very large and provide a number of services besides simply renting out dumpsters. In fact, dumpster rentals may only be a very small part of their business. They may focus their main efforts on other areas like construction equipment and leave the dumpster rentals to subcontractors that handle the actual work, like dumpster drop offs and pick ups. Whether or not the smaller company is reputable is one thing, but it's usually better to work directly with one company in the first place because it simplifies the rental process. 

You'll experience the following advantages if you work with a single dumpster rental company directly:

  • Easier to get answers to questions about dumpster sizes, prices, and the disposal process.
  • Better attention and customer service from a company who wants to make a big disposal project easier for you.
  • Dealing with more experienced staff who can give you tips about how to fill the dumpster effectively.
  • Paying lower fees because you're working directly with just one company.
  • You'll know who to speak with if something goes wrong, for example if the dumpster tips over or breaks.

2. Take a Close Look at the Services They Offer

A high quality dumpster rental company will provide a long list of services to help you out with your rental. For example, if you're worried about your driveway getting dirty or stained from the dumpster, they'll provide boards to place the dumpster on so it doesn't touch the ground. They'll offer to drop the dumpster off and pick it up if you need them to, or give you the freedom to make it more of a DIY experience if that's what you desire. They also may offer to donate or recycle as many of the items as they can before hauling them off to the dump.

Simply offering more services isn't necessarily a guarantee that a dumpster rental company is more trustworthy or reputable, but it is an indicator that they want to provide their customers with a better experience. A good company will also be understanding if you accidentally order the wrong size of dumpster or can't figure out how to open or close it, and will send someone out to help you.

3. Check Out Their Equipment

When you first consider working with a dumpster rental service, check out their website to see if they post videos or pictures of the actual dumpsters they have. A good service will also tell you exactly how many dumpsters they have available, what quality and size each of them are, and which sizes are best for certain projects. Make sure they're transparent and upfront about the costs you'll be paying, how much time you'll have to use the dumpster, and the quality of the services they provide.

From start to finish, an excellent dumpster rental service will be there throughout the process to answer any questions you may have, from where to place the dumpster to what items you can put inside it, to where it will all go when you're finished. They'll offer a wide range of useful services, like recycling, and will always be transparent about what kind of experience you can expect.