2 Inexpensive Ways To Deodorize Your Plumbing Fixtures

Nothing is worse than the lingering stench that tends to accompany plumbing fixtures. Pungent odors can damage the first impression that a visitor receives when they arrive at your home, which is why over 73% of Americans report spending money on room deodorizers such as freshening sprays. If you are looking for a way to put down that can and remove foul smells altogether, you should try these two inexpensive tips for deodorizing your plumbing fixtures.

1: Clean your P-Traps

In order to stop large debris from entering your main plumbing lines and causing clogs, every sink is fitted with a P-Trap. These traps consist of a section of curved pipe, which is connected to your sink and the main outgoing line with a few removable coupling nuts. Although these traps can make it a breeze to recover that wedding ring that you dropped down your sink drain, they can also become a breeding ground for smelly bacteria.

P-Traps generally have a small amount of standing water, which helps to trap debris. As you use your sink throughout the day, this standing water is regularly flushed out, but stinky scum can develop around the inside of the trap where the water sits. Over time, this scum can catch things like food particles, which can slowly start to decompose inside of your trap.

This accumulation can cause drain slowing, clogs, and terrible smells. Fortunately, you can easily clear your P-Traps by dismantling your system and running a scrub brush through the area. Here are 5 easy steps for how to do this on your own in about twenty minutes.

  • Equipment Needed: plastic or metal bucket, pliers, dish soap, long-handled scrub brush such as an old baby bottle brush
  • Step 1: In order to catch any water sitting in your sink or P-Trap, clear out the space underneath your sink and put a bucket under the trap.
  • Step 2: Remove the two coupling nuts fitted on either side of the trap. Sometimes these can be difficult to rotate, and you might find that you need a pair of pliers to help you to get a better grip.
  • Step 3: As soon as the nuts are loose from the pipe threads, your P-Trap should be able to be completely removed from the pipes that it is attached to. Pour out any standing debris that it contains into the bucket.
  • Step 4: Apply soap to your scrub brush, and use it to scrub out the inside of the P-Trap. Old baby bottle brushes work well for this job, as they are designed to fit inside narrow openings. After the pipe is clean, rinse it out in your sink. The water will fall into the bucket.
  • Step 5: After the trap is cleaned out, reattach it to the pipes with the coupling nuts. Run some clean water down the trap to remove any soap residue, and to make sure that you have reattached the pipe correctly.

Not only will cleaning out your P-Trap eliminate stinky gunk buildup, but it will also give you the opportunity to see what caused the problem in the first place. If you notice an abundance of certain debris particles like potato peels or lemon seeds, you should try to keep those types of items away from your drain in the future. 

2: Use Baking Soda

Looking for a cheap way to rid your plumbing of unwanted smells? Baking soda might just become your new best friend. The average box of baking soda only costs around $1-$3, but to most homeowners, it is worth its weight in gold.

Baking soda is unique because it reacts with both highly acidic and highly basic compounds, which both tend to be stinky. When baking soda reacts with these organic materials, the odors are neutralized.

For an easy way to freshen stinky drains, pour a cup of baking soda into the opening. Let it sit for about twenty minutes, and then chase it with a pot of boiling water. The soda will quickly eliminate any bad smells, while the hot water will melt away any grime.

Using baking soda is a simple, effective way to keep odors at bay, without using harsh chemicals.

By taking the time to remove odor-causing debris and bacteria from your plumbing fixtures, your home can smell clean and fresh without that masked, chemical air-freshener smell. If you're still noticing an odor, call in professioanls likes those at http://plumbingandair.com.