3 Things To Know About Your City's Street Sweeping Services

If you have a job, you probably notice all of the withholdings on your paycheck each week, and one of these might be a local or city tax. This tax is designed to pay for things such as schools in your area and road upkeep, but it is also designed for services that make your community nicer, more economically-prosperous, and cleaner. Among these services might be one for street sweeping, and here are three things you may wonder about this service.

The Origins of Street Sweeping

Street sweeping is a service that has been around for hundreds of years, but it wasn't always completed as it is today. Today, street sweeping is a service that is completed with large machines. These machines date back to 1896 when Charles Brooks received a patent for the first street sweeping machine.

The purpose of the machine was to make cleaning the streets in cities easier and more efficient. Prior to this, people were hired to sweep the streets and sidewalks with brooms. Today, almost all large cities sweep their streets regularly with these machines, and many small towns also do this on a regular basis.

Why Your City Pays for This

If your community cares about its appearance, it may too hire street sweepers to clean the streets. This may not be something that is needed weekly, but your community may have this done several times a year, or even monthly.

To pay for this, the city will use tax dollars collected from the citizens in the area. While this is only one of the expenses your city pays for, it is an important one. Without it, the streets in your town may end up wearing out faster and becoming piled up with trash.

Your city probably pays for other types of cleaning and maintenance for your town too, including:

  • Landscaping for public areas
  • Upkeep for parks and playgrounds
  • Street lights
  • Holiday decorations

These are just a few of the things your city might budget money for, but each of these makes a city a nice community to live in.

How This Affects You

Street sweeping in your town can affect you in several ways. The first way is that it costs money. No matter where you live, you will pay local taxes and you cannot control what this money is used for. You can however take part in local meetings for your town to learn more about the budget.

If you do this, you will also discover how your city hires a company to complete street sweeping services, and it might consist of:

  • Requesting bids – any company in the area that offers street sweeping services can bid for the job. When this is done, the bid requests will state which streets must be cleaned and the frequency of cleanings.
  • Reviewing the bids – your city will most likely take each bid and review it. They will compare the bids, and they will try to find the one that is the best deal.
  • Appointing the winner – the company that is selected is appointed to complete the task of cleaning the streets, and this company must abide by the terms of the arrangement.

The other way street sweeping affects you is that you may be limited as to where you can park during the times when the work is being done. Your city might have a schedule to follow when it comes to street cleaning dates and times, or it might be something they announce or post several days or weeks in advance.

Street sweeping is an important part of every city. It helps keep a city clean, and people looking to relocate often look for cities that are clean and safe. If your town currently does not hire a company for this, you may want to talk to your local officials about hiring this out. Be sure to visit http://www.usaservicesfl.com for more information.