Look Up! A New Roof Can Make Home Values Soar

Redoing your roof with composite shingles or other modern materials can boost your home's selling price.

When you think of home upgrades your mind may turn to a new kitchen or a swimming pool. Yet there's real value in a roof redo, especially if you use composition shingles.

Composition shingles consist of a fiberglass base with an asphalt covering. They can be made in a variety of colors and you can find composition tiles that resemble wood or slate. This flexibility makes composition shingles a great choice to update the look of your roof. And here's why you should update your roof:

1. Freshness Counts

When you first meet someone you tend to notice their hair color (or if they have hair). The same holds true when looking at a house. The eye takes in the front of the building, the landscaping and the roof at first glance. Potential buyers will look for signs of damage, algae growth and shoddy repairs. Ask a roof contractor for suggestions on how to update your roof and fix those problems -- just like you'd ask a salon stylist to help you with gray hairs. .

2. Style Matters, Too

If your roof has lasted 30 or 40 years, congratulations. The only problem: your roof is now hopeless out-of-date. Styles change in roofing just like in fashion or home decorating. Today's roofs tend to feature brighter colors or natural tones, compared to the gray or black asphalt of years past. When you're looking to sell an older home consider how freshening up the look of your roof could boost its curb appeal.

3. New Roofing can Be Greener and Cleaner

New roofing often has an earth-friendly edge over older roofing materials. Cedar has always been a popular choice, for instance. Producing the wooden slats requires cutting down mature trees, though, which is not really a forest-friendly act. On the other hand, composition shingles can come from recycled materials, so you're doing the earth a favor with your new roofing.

In addition, you can select composite shingles with coatings that reflect sunlight. Potential buyers will like that it helps save energy and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

4. Buyers Are Better Prepared

Buyers are looking for every advantage when negotiating (of course, so are you). In these days of instant communication it's fairly simple to learn the signs of roofing problems and even easier to get estimates for repairing them. Take charge of the problem before you put your house on the market and you can establish the value of the repairs.

5. Inspections Start on Top

Housing inspectors will walk the perimeter of your house and check the roof from all angles. Most use binoculars or a ladder inspection. to spot popped nails and loose or broken shingles. Refurbishing the roof will take care of these problems before the inspector arrives. That means a few less repairs you'll have to take care of or negotiate with a buyer.

6. Temperature's Rising (or Falling)

Modern materials, like composite shingles, provide much better insulation than older roofing products. Modern materials are better by themselves, and can also be laid over reflective materials that deflect sunlight. As a result, houses with refreshed roofs stay cooler in summer and retain warmth in winter, energy costs decrease. That can be a crucial selling point, especially when fuel prices soar.

7. A New Roof Can Change Everything

If you're feeling ambitious you can go all out with a roofing project. Really big steps can include adding a skylight or two. You might put in a rooftop deck if you have the room and the structural supports. Adding windows to a finished attic or crawlspace can enhance the look of the room and the exterior.

Decks are always a favorite with buyers and skylights not only improve the roof they add new light and vitality to the rooms below.

Start at the top when it comes to building your home's value. Call a composition roofing contractor to learn more about the exciting options available to freshen and restore your roof.