3 Surprising Ways That Air Conditioning Can Improve Your Health

Living without air conditioning is almost unthinkable to most of the people in the United States today. But is air conditioning really necessary, or is it simply a comfortable luxury? A look at some of the health benefits that are associated with air conditioning and cooler temperatures may just convince you that the humble AC unit is much more than just an extra. It's actually a beneficial tool that improves overall good health. Take a look at a few of the ways that your air conditioner helps you stay healthier.

Promote Weight Loss

Having trouble finding the right diet or exercise program to help you shed those last few pesky pounds? If so, the answer might be on your wall thermostat. Forget sweating to the oldies or hanging out in the steam room; a good chill might be just what your body needs to burn those last few pounds off for good.

To understand why, you first need to understand brown fat, a recently discovered kind of fat. The fat that you're trying to lose is white fat – it accumulates because of inactivity, poor diet, or both. Brown fat is different. It's there to help keep you warm. It does this by burning white fat in order to keep your core temperature higher. The trick is that you have to train your body to get into the habit of burning brown fat when the temperatures drop, which means exposing yourself to it on a regular basis.

One study followed participants who were exposed to 63 degree temperatures for two hours a day. The study lasted for six weeks, and at the end of it, the participants had lost about 5% of their body fat. That's a clear indicator that the cool-down method of weight loss is effective. Think about turning your air conditioner down for a few hours each day, and see if it pays off for you.

Helps Insomniacs Sleep

There's no faster way to drive yourself crazy than by spending a few nights tossing, turning, and counting sheep to no avail. Insomniacs are at risk for a variety of health problems, because sleep is an important factor in human health.

Turning down the air could be the trick to ending your restless nights and getting rid of those bags under your eyes. A cold environment is an environment that promotes a good night's sleep. 60 degrees is an optimal temperature for an insomniac's thermostat. If you're too cold, don't turn the temperature back up – you're better off using an extra blanket instead.

Reduces Heat Stroke Risk for Patients with Mental Illness

The truth is, spending some time in the air conditioning is a pretty good way to prevent heat stroke for anyone. But people with mental illnesses are at special risk for heat stroke, because some of the medications that are used to treat mental illness make the body more vulnerable to heat. Heat stroke is incredibly dangerous, and can cause permanent injury or death if it's not treated quickly.

Therefore, it's especially important for people who suffer from mental illness to stay indoors or seek out air conditioned spaces on especially hot days. Experts say that even just a few hours in the air conditioning can cut down the risk of heat stroke. If you're taking medications for mental illness that make you susceptible to heat stroke and you also work outdoors or in hot conditions all day, it's even more important that you have a good air conditioning system to keep you cool at home.

If you've been putting off having your air conditioner repaired or replaced, it's time to contact an air conditioning professional and get your AC on again. Your good health depends on it. Click here for info on more.