Tips To Keep Your Garage Door Safe From Burglars

If you are a homeowner who is concerned about safety, then you likely have deadbolt locks on your home and floodlights that illuminate your property in the evening. Unfortunately, if you spend all of your time protecting your home, then your garage may become the target for a break-in. Cars, tools, sports gear, and other expensive items are commonly kept in the garage. This means that you must work hard to protect this space. Some of the ideas below can help you with this.

Frost Your Garage Door Windows

If you have glass windows in your garage door, then you probably like the beauty and style of the glass structures. The glass can easily be used to peer into your garage though, and this can allow a burglar to assess the belongings that you store in the space.  

Covering your windows is a good option to keep prying eyes away, but a dark and heavy tinted film or a paper covering may be a telltale sign that you are trying to obscure the contents of your garage. This means that you should consider adding a natural and stylish element to your windows that will not indicate you are hiding something. Frosting is considered elegant and it will offer protection as well.

Use Etching Cream

You can purchase new frosted windows to replace the ones in your garage door, or you can add the frosting yourself by etching your windows. To do this, purchase an etching cream from your local craft store. This cream contains acidic compounds that eat away at the surface of your window glass. The process highlights the natural cuts in your window surface and this frosts the glass.  

To etch your windows, clean the glass thoroughly and then place rubber gloves on your hands. Use a small paintbrush to apply the etching paste to the entire glass surface you want to etch. Leave the cream on the window for at least 30 minutes and then use soap and water to remove the cream. Repeat the etching process to create a more frosted surface if you can still see through the windows after the first application.

Invest in a New Garage Door Opener

If you have an older garage door opener, then burglars may be able to open your garage door by simply trying different remotes to open the door. This is the case because garage door manufacturers used to offer basic transmitters. These transmitters would release an electronic signal that would open the door if you pressed the remote several feet in front of the device. Unfortunately, the same remote worked on all openers that were the same make and model.  

The simple devices were discontinued, and new openers were used that were programmed with a specific code that matched the garage door. Some manufacturers even used devices that would cycle between a number of different codes. Even though these devices are considered more secure, burglars can still capture the codes transmitted by these garage door openers. They also can try different codes until they find the right one.

Buy a Rolling Code Model

You can keep your garage safe by investing in a new garage door opener that uses a different code every time the door is opened or closed. These openers set a new code during every use so that only the designated remote device can activate the door. There are billions of different codes that can be created by the transmission device and this makes it virtually impossible for a burglar to try every code variation to break into your garage. 

Store Your Remote Properly

Once a new garage door is installed, make sure not to store your remote inside your vehicle. Most people do this for convenience reasons, but a thief can easily steal the device. Store your remote in your purse or ask your garage door installer to provide a compact remote with your system. This way, you can attach the remote to your key ring. If you absolutely must keep your garage door remote in your vehicle, store it in the trunk.

If you are concerned about home security, then you have likely taken all of the necessary steps to protect your residence. Your garage may not be secure though, and this means you should frost your garage door windows and invest in a new garage door opener to keep burglars away. To learn more, visit