4 Skin Conditions Worsened By Flood Water Damage

Did you recently have floodwater enter your basement area after a storm? If so, you might be tempted to forget this stressful situation happened once professionals finish pumping water out of your basement. Unfortunately, you still have some work to do at that point. This is especially true if the floodwaters penetrated the building materials, like drywall or flooring. Moisture left in these materials creates the perfect environment for mold growth. If mold takes hold in your home, it could cause skin conditions to appear or worsen nearly overnight. Here are the symptoms that could plague you or your family due to mold exposure.  


The perfect combination of stressors on the mind and body can cause symptoms of psoriasis to appear. The triggers are unique to each patient, which makes it difficult for doctors to figure out at first. For some people, the combination of mold exposure and stress triggers the body to produce psoriasis plaques. The presence of the itchy plaques often prolongs feelings of stress, which could worsen the symptoms considerably. Symptom progression often continues to worsen until the triggers are eliminated.

Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis usually results from allergens you are already sensitive to. If you experience respiratory symptoms, like coughing and sneezing, when exposed to mold, it is likely you will develop itchy dermatitis patches on your skin. The hives can quickly appear and disappear at random spots across your body until exposure to the allergen stops.

The itchiness may cause you to scratch small tears into your skin that could lead to a serious infection, like staph or sepsis. Furthermore, constant itchiness often disrupts sleep and causes feelings of irritability. Unless you remove the allergen source from your environment, topical medications will only have a limited effectiveness on the itchy rash.

Erthyma Nodosum

Although doctors cannot always pinpoint the exact cause of erthyma nodosum reactions, evidence points to mold exposure as the trigger for some patients. In Iowa, for example, exposure to moldy bird feces sickened patients with a lung infection that led to the development of this condition.

Erthyma nodosum causes a series of painful, red bumps to appear on the legs for an extended period of time. The bumps continue to darken over several weeks until you recover from this condition. You might also feel quite sick with a fever and have joint aches throughout your body. Removing the mold will halt new reactions, but you will have to wait for the current attack to run its course.


Your body fights an allergic reaction by releasing mast cells that produce histamine. Normally, your body only releases enough mast cells to fight the perceived invaders. If your body releases too many cells, however, the buildup will cause itchy hives to appear all over your skin. If the mastocytosis reaction continues, you could even go into shock.

Doctors use synthetic antihistamine medications in an effort to halt your internal mast cell release system. If this does not work, you might need epinephrine treatment to keep your body from going into shock. Once you develop this condition, under no circumstance should you return to your home until a flood damage expert removes all of the moldy materials suspected of causing this affliction.

Halting Outbreaks

The best thing to do when faced with skin condition flare-ups is find the cause. You might need to have a flood damage expert come through the home in search of mold spores. The search usually starts with the materials that came into direct contact with the floodwaters.

Flood damage experts may need to pull the materials back enough to insert a high-powered camera into the gap. If any signs of mold are found, you will need to have the materials replaced with new supplies down to the support boards. After removing the mold spores from your environment, skin condition flare-ups should start to calm down. Consider calling places like Central Flood Management Inc for flood restoration services.