5 Household Fixes That Will Make You Safer

You like to think that your home provides a safe haven for your and your family—but does it? A bit of neglect here and inadequate storage there can add up to an unsafe environment. Here are five simple fixes you can make to reverse that trend.

1. Garage Door Repair

A garage door that remains stuck open removes a critical layer of your family's security, inviting burglars to gain entrance through this part of the home. But trying to fix a heavy garage door yourself can invite serious injury. Ask a qualified provider of garage door services to troubleshoot the problem and make the necessary repairs. The answer might be as as simple as replacing the garage door opener.

2. Cable Management

Today's homes are strewn with a variety of electrical and electronic cables -- which means that they can threaten occupants on a daily basis. Those innocent-looking wires from a game console, TV or audio system pose a potentially deadly trip hazard, especially for older occupants with poor eyesight or at heightened risk for hip fractures. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to tame your wiring woes. 

  • Start by purchasing some cord concealers. These plastic or vinyl containers can accommodate several cables simultaneously. You can then park your cable concealers against baseboards, out of the high-traffic zones. 
  • If you don't like the look of cable concealers, you might want to invest in renovations that let you run your cables inside the walls. Make sure your electrician follows all local codes for a safe, legal installation.

3. Area Lighting

Area lighting can enhance both your security and your personal safety around the house. Have you come to ignore that burned-out bulb hanging above the front porch or patio door? Changing a bulb or fuse takes mere seconds, but it can discourage burglars from trying their luck. (Just don't leave the light on all day, because it sends out a signal that you're not really home.) It may also keep you from tripping in the dark and hurting yourself.

Indoor lighting can be just as useful for safety and security purposes as outdoor lighting. The humble night light has saved many a resident from bumping into a wall or door while making a nighttime bathroom visit. You can even install a blue light near a window to make it look like someone indoors is awake and watching TV.

4. Child and Pet Safety Gates

If you have a little one, either of the two-legged or the four-legged variety, give serious thought to installing safety gates at strategic entrances and exits. These gates can temporarily prevent your child or pet from entering a potentially dangerous area, such as a kitchen where hot foods are being prepared or a hobby room where toxic substances are in use. 

5. Smarter Storage

Can you store potentially dangerous items and products in a way that prevents them from causing a possible emergency? Re-evaluating and modifying your home's storage systems can make all the difference between a safe, organized residence and am accident waiting to happen.

  • Buttons, pen caps, paper clips, batteries, twist ties, and other miscellaneous items can pose a choking hazard or cause you to slip and fall. Purchase storage bins for your hobby or office materials, and keep the bins up above arm's reach.
  • If you keep medicines, cleaning supplies, or other hazardous substances in your home, store them behind locked doors. Take special care to secure the poisonous products in your laundry room, bathroom, and garage.

A few little alterations can provide you and your loved ones with happier, healthier lives. Take a quick inventory of your home right now—and then take steps to make it a safer place to live!