Keep Birds From Using Your Garden As A Banquet Table

Once a flock birds move into an area, it is extremely difficult to get them to leave. Poison and trapping don't really work, as another group of birds will quickly move in to fill the space. The only way to keep birds from moving into your yard and eating your plants is to make your garden an unpleasant place for them to live.


While it is a pain to work around, bird netting is the best choice for keeping birds out of your garden. It makes an impenetrable barrier to the birds, so they cannot get to your garden no matter how much they want to. In order to make the netting easy to move around while you are working, consider adding stakes or bamboo poles to your garden in various locations. Make sure they are taller than the plants to ensure maximum ease of use. Then, just get a piece of netting big enough to cover the garden and hang all the way to the ground. Anchoring each edge in one or two locations will ensure that the net doesn't blow away and leave your garden unexpectedly open.

Scare the Birds Away

Most scare devices only work for a short time before they loose their effectiveness, but this can give you enough time to harvest your garden before the birds set in on it. Popular choices are fake owls and reflective tape. If you live in a rural area, you can used sound based devices to discourage the birds, but your neighbors won't thank you if you try this in the city.

You can extend this effect a bit by investing in several different scare devices and rotating them. While birds will learn to recognize one device as not being a threat over time, a new device forces them to go through the process all over again. Of course, you could also install nesting boxes to encourage a hawk or owl to move into your neighborhood. Why scare birds off with a plastic owl when you could have a real on patrolling your garden?

Taste Sprays

As your crops start to ripen, they will become increasingly attractive to birds. There are several natural products on the market that you can spray on your plants to make them taste bad. You will lose a few pieces to the birds, but if they think that your fruit is rotten, they will stop eating it in a hurry. You will need to spray a couple times a week, and after each rain to keep up the illusion. It also makes it very important that you wash the food coming in from the garden before you eat it—you probably won't enjoy the taste of rotten grapes any more than the birds do!

Hire a Pest Control Professional

Sometimes you will get a group of birds that are seriously determined to make your yard their home. If this is the case, it is beneficial to call in a professional, like those at Desert Pest Control. They can identify what exactly is making your yard such a great home to these birds, and equip you with the tools to mitigate the problem. This usually involves removing access to areas where the birds like to roost and nest. As an added bonus, keeping the birds out of your yard won't just save your garden, it will make your yard a more pleasant place to be.

In small numbers, birds are a valuable part of any ecosystem and pleasant to watch. Unfortunately, when a large number moves in to your area, they go from beneficial neighbor to annoying pest in a hurry. You should take steps to protect the fruits of your labor, and, fortunately, there are plenty of tools out there to help you do just that.