Renovate Your Adult Child's Small Garage Apartment With A Shower Enclosure

If your adult son or daughter needs to come back home due to financial reasons, you want to make the situation easier and more comfortable for your family. One of the things you may do to ensure this is turn your garage into an apartment and install a shower enclosure in the bathroom. A shower enclosure works perfectly for small living spaces. But there are some things to consider when you make over the small garage apartment with a shower enclosure.

Choose the Right Size

Your son or daughter's garage apartment may not be large enough to install a full bathtub in the bathroom. To eliminate this problem, you can choose a better option like a shower enclosure. Shower enclosures or enclosed shower stalls usually come in a variety of sizes but should be at least 34 inches in width. The size of the enclosed shower you need to install may depend on a few factors:

  • The size of the garage
  • The space you have available for the shower installation
  • The location of the shower door

Garage Size and Space

A large garage has more space available to work with than a small garage. But since your garage has limited space, you can go with a 34-inch wide shower stall. This size works great because it allows you to install a toilet, sink and other bathroom fixtures without compromising space for them.

Shower Door Location and Type

Although it may seem unimportant or unnecessary, the location of the shower's door plays a critical part in choosing the right size. Installing a shower with the wrong type of door in a small bathroom may create problems, such as running out of space to install a toilet or sink properly. There are two types of doors you may choose for a small shower space: swinging and sliding.

Shower enclosures can feature doors that swing outward in the bathroom, and doors that slide back and forth. Sliding door shower installations are the simplest and most convenient choices for utilizing small spaces. Swing door shower installations require a little more thought.

If you wish to install an enclosed shower with a swinging door, you may want to consider the distance and direction of the door's swing before you purchase and install it. For example, if plan to place a toilet or sink very close to the shower stall, the swinging shower door should have at least two feet of available space to open and close without damaging these fixtures.

To ensure that you choose the best size and door options for your enclosed shower, you may want to have a professional take a look at the bathroom's available space and help you decide. Once you do that, you may choose the right glass for the shower enclosure.

Choose the Best Glass

Your shower door installers may offer a variety of attractive and stylish glass options for you to choose from, including frameless styles. Frameless enclosed showers come in clear, opaque and other see-through shades. This makes it easy to match the glass with the solid or decorative colors of bathroom floor and wall tiles.

In addition, frameless glass works well for an enclosed shower because the doors and walls of the shower lack any type of visible hardware, such as hinges and screws. It provides an elegant but comfortable look that makes a small bathroom feel warm and attractive.

If you need further assistance with choosing the right enclosed shower for your garage apartment's renovations, contact a shower enclosures professional today. You can select from a number of enclosed shower kits and do the work yourself, or you may hire the installers to do it for you.