Five Ways To Hide A Spare House Key In Plain Sight

Nearly everyone has had the experience of searching for something that was hiding in plain sight. The brain, it seems, sees what it wants to see and often overlooks the obvious. While this may be annoying when you are searching for the remote, you can use it to your advantage to hide a spare house key from intruders.  

Wind Chimes: Hiding your keys in a wind chime works for two reasons. First, potential intruders or thieves aren't likely to go near anything that promises to make loud noises, which is exactly what wind chimes are designed to do. Second, metal keys are a natural for adding charm and unique sounds to your wind chimes. Remove the clapper from your wind chimes and replace it with a massive ring of dangling keys. Only one fits your home, of course, but to find it the burglar needs to try them all and send up quite a racket. Make sure you can identify the key yourself unless you plan on sorting through them all to get back inside your home. One option is to mark all the keys with colored dots or designs and committing the design on the house key to memory.

Steampunk Hanging Mobile: Like the wind chimes, mobiles make noise when set in motion which in itself may deter intruders. Think steampunk as you combine old keys, locks, gears, and brass and copper fittings and suspend them from a wire or metal ring. You'll want to include more than one key, of course, to be on the safe side - but it's not likely an intruder will think to search through the items of your mobile for your spare house key.

Sculptures: Make a scrap metal sculpture for the garden and use the key as part of the design. While these sculptures range from tabletop versions to towering sculptures of 20 feet or more, tucking a key into the design is a great way to hide your spare house key in plain sight. Try your hand at making your own, or purchase a pre-made sculpture and tuck the key in where it will blend with the design. 

House Numbers or Names: Use old keys to spell out your name or the street number over your door and tuck your spare key into the mix. Not only will be be adding a decorative touch to your home, it gives you the perfect opportunity to hide your key in plain sight and within easy reach if you lock yourself out. Potential intruders will see the keys, of course, but it is unlikely the brain will register them as possible keys for entering your home.

Alarm Box: Use a shadow box with a glass or plexi-glass front to create an eye-catching display to hold your spare house key. Add a cute sign that says "In Case of Broken Heart, Break Glass" and label the key "The Key to My Heart". Place the shadow box on your garden wall or the front porch. Intruders will never guess that you would leave your house key out in the open and will assume the key is for decorative purposes only.

The trick to hiding your house key in plain sight is to make it look like part of your decor. While these ideas will get you started, don't be afraid to experiment with ways to include keys in holiday decor. Think big bundles of keys labeled "Keys for Santa" or whimsical designs or cute sayings like "The Key to Happiness". Use caution and only retrieve your secret key when no one is looking so you won't give away your clever disguise. If you do somehow still get locked out, call a commercial locksmith to help you out.