Want To Transform Your Pool Into A Beachside Retreat? Decorating Tips For Your Yard

As summer weather rolls in, your backyard swimming pool starts calling you to enjoy the sun and heat. If you want your backyard to serve as a retreat from the demands of your daily routine, the furnishings and features are the best place to start. Here are some ideas for you to convert your backyard into a functional and inviting area to hang out.

Create Shady Pockets

Although you may plan to spend most of your outdoor time soaking up the sun in the pool, you'll still want to have some shady areas where you can sit and relax without the heat of the sun beating down on you.

Invest in some large patio umbrellas that you can space out strategically around the pool area and throughout your backyard. These large umbrellas will block the sunlight and give you some naturally cooler areas in the yard. If you're planting some shade-loving plants, place an umbrella over the planting area for peace of mind that they'll stay cool and comfortable.

When it comes to selecting the right umbrellas for your property, though, be attentive to the type of fabric the umbrella itself is made from. Opt for something with resistance to ultraviolet rays so that you can sit under it without concern about sun damage. That resistance will also help to reduce the risk of sun fading, so your umbrella won't turn drab from the sunlight.

Consider Creature Comforts

Before you invest thousands of dollars into your poolscape and backyard furniture, start by focusing on one area at a time. Consider what small things you can do that may result in a significant change in the appearance of the backyard. Look for weather-resistant furnishings, because they'll hold up and you won't have to scramble to bring them in when dark clouds threaten to put a damper on the festivities.

If you plan to be outside even after dusk and darker hours, it's helpful to invest in some lighting, too. Luckily, with lanterns and subtle path lighting, you can brighten up the space without creating an obtrusive, out-of-place glare.

When choosing your furnishings, give favor to material that is durable and can withstand the elements without special treatment. For example, cedar and cypress are both ideal, because they are not likely to be easily damaged by weather. They are attractive, easy to coordinate and will hold up to years of use.

Embrace Nature with Landscaping

Landscaping the area around your pool and patio space will create the impression of a tranquil, tropical getaway. If your goal is to create an area where you can relax, unwind and forget that the rest of the world is still out there, proper landscaping is a great way to start.

Potted trees and other plants around the pool edge can create a privacy barrier, particularly if you choose thick-growing greens and tall trees. Opting for potted plants can also save you on the maintenance demand, because you won't have to worry as much about root growth extending beneath the pool and causing damage.

In addition to the plants and other greenery that you can add around the pool, you may also be able to increase the tropical feel by investing in fine sand, also called sugar sand. Create a beach-like area around the outer perimeter of the patio area by adding some pebbles and the fine sand.

When you install a swimming pool in your backyard, especially if you invest in a custom design with a unique pool surface, you'll want the yard around it to be just as customized. With the tips presented here, you can give your yard that beachfront hideaway feel without having to invest thousands in a whole yard makeover. And remember to always call professionals for any needed in ground pool repair.