4 Steps To Transform Your Bathroom Into A Green, Eco-Friendly Oasis

The average American goes to the bathroom six times each day. When you add in time spent showering and performing other bathroom grooming rituals, that is a lot of time in the bathroom every day. Is your time spent in the bathroom having a harsher impact on the environment than you would like it to? Think about remodeling your bathroom into an Eco-friendly, energy- and water-saving oasis with Eco-friendly bathroom accessories. You can then spend as much time in the bathroom as you like while reducing your impact on the environment. 

1. Install an Eco-friendly Toilet

Composting toilets are recommended highly by environmental activists. They eliminate the gallons of clean water that go to waste every time you flush a traditional toilet, and they give you the option of using your waste as a fertilizer for your garden.

If a composting toilet is a little extreme for your tastes, then another Eco-friendly toilet option is the dual-flush toilet. A dual-flush toilet looks like a traditional toilet, but it is equipped with two buttons that can be pressed to flush instead of one handle. One button is designated the "number one" button, and the other is for "number two". 

The button used to flush after urinating only (number one) uses less water to flush than the button used to flush after going "number two". On average, these toilets use one-gallon of water to flush urine, and 1.6 gallons to flush solids. An old toilet can waste up to seven gallons of water during every flush. 

2. Choose Greener Lighting Options

When it comes to Eco-friendly lighting, natural sunlight will always remain king. Many people skimp on windows in their bathrooms, as they think they will compromise their privacy. While privacy is important in the bathroom, remember that windows with a privacy glaze will keep anyone from getting a clear look inside. 

Clerestory windows are also perfect for bathrooms. These windows sit along the very top edge of a wall, and they let light in while being too high to compromise privacy. As an added bonus, they can even help keep the bathroom warm during the winter months.

You will need some lighting fixtures to light the bathroom when the sun isn't shining, of course. Making your artificial bathroom lighting more green is as easy as switching from typical light bulbs to Eco-friendly LED bulbs. 

3. Cut Shower Water Consumption

Switch out your regular shower-head for a low-flow shower head to save gallons of water during each and every shower. In fact, every you will save one-half gallon of water during every minute of your shower when using a typical low-flow shower head. If you worry that you will feel like you are showering with little water pressure when using this shower head, then don't. It actually aerates the water as it comes out of the head to keep pressure high with less water required. 

If you want to cut out water-wasting baths entirely, then consider installing a walk-in standing shower only. If you can't dream of not having a bathtub to use occasionally or to bathe children, then choose a tub made of an Eco-friendly material, such as natural stone or marble. 

4. Choose an Eco-Friendly Faucet

There are several types of Eco-friendly faucets that minimize your water usage when washing your hands, brushing your teeth, and shaving. A faucet with a motion sensor can help everyone in the home use less water when at with sink without them having to turn the faucet on and off constantly while using it. You are likely already familiar with this type of faucet, as they are now common in public bathrooms owned by companies that know how much water it can help them save. 

Choosing a low-flow faucet head is another great option if you don't want to go digital.

If you are committed to an Eco-friendly lifestyle, then your bathroom is one place that may need lots of changes if you want it to reflect your lifestyle. As an added bonus, these changes can also help you save money on energy and water consumption.