Five Home Remodeling Rules For Avoiding Disappointment

Home remodeling is exciting because it gives you a chance to start afresh and have the kind of home you always wanted. However, it can also turn out to be a huge, expensive disappointment if you aren't careful. Below are five rules to make sure your home remodeling job produces the home of your dreams:

Listen to your gut instincts

When you are making plans for remodeling, it opens up a whirlwind of emotions and feelings such as anticipation, excitement and...anxiety. Remodeling involves making bold decisions about how to spend significant amounts of money to renew your living spaces, so it is natural to be nervous. However, it is easy to become overly fearful and cautious about specifics as you move forward in the process. Making sound financial decisions is important when remodeling, but don't allow unnecessary constraints to tarnish your vision. Choose to use color if it excites you. Go with a non-trendy style if you find it pleasing. Take the dare to go with your gut, and you will be rewarded by having exactly what you wanted when you began planning.

Don't always listen to expert advice

You may be someone who thinks that a professional opinion makes your opinion invalid. However, when it comes to home remodeling, no one can understand your home as well as you do, and that's why you should not be intimidated by an "expert" opinion that states a certain color or style doesn't work. Of course, always listen and assimilate information into your big mental picture, but in the end, always trust your instincts first. Believe that you know what you like and what will bring harmony to your decor; be true to yourself, and you will be much happier with your final decisions.

Never forget who's the boss

Remember you are the boss of what happens in your remodeling job. If you hire a professional contractor to install, repair or refinish part of the decor, then keep in mind who is paying the bill. When you give instructions regarding what you would like to see happen, be sure that your contractor understands your wishes explicitly. Don't be afraid to let them know what you want; reputable contractors are always willing to accommodate your wishes, and they will be upfront with you if something is beyond their ability to handle.

Keep an eye on the work

Not only should you be upfront with expectations, be sure to monitor the actual work as its being done in your home. That doesn't require you to sit on a stool two feet away from the workers, but you should pay close enough attention to be sure that the work is done the way you desire. Don't be afraid to speak up and stop the work if something doesn't look right to you. Any embarrassment you feel now won't be nearly as bad as the regret felt later for letting something slide.

View colors in their prospective lighting

A huge part of any home remodeling project is choosing colors. Many hours are spent in front of paint samples in an effort to find the perfect choices. Unfortunately, many individuals fail to realize the importance of choosing color in its prospective environment. Lighting is a tricky phenomenon; with the rise of LED and compact fluorescent bub technology, color tones can vary greatly from store-to-store and store-to-home depending on what is inside the fixtures overhead.

Therefore, it makes good sense to evaluate any prospective paint colors in your own home's remodeling environment. In fact, it's important enough that you should even consider installing new light fixtures first, if those are part of your overall plan, to get an accurate read on how colors will appear. Paint sample cards can help you make decisions, but it is better to purchase sample-sized cans or jars of paint, and make "test runs" on your surfaces at home. You will want to know what works best before committing to the purchase of paint, and the relatively small amount it costs to buy sample sizes will be well worth it in the end.