Replacing A Bad Roller On Your Garage Door

There are some repairs for your garage door that you simply shouldn't do because they are far too dangerous. Fortunately, if your problem is as simple as a failing roller, you can switch it out without hiring a repair service if you are so inclined.

Safety First

While replacing a roller is safe enough when done correctly, you are still working on a door that weighs several hundred pounds. Start by unplugging the opener or shutting it off at the junction box. You will also need to disable any battery backup system that came with the opener. Finally, use the emergency release handle to disconnect the door from the opener so you can position it as needed for work.

Replacing Hinge Rollers

In order to replace a roller that is part of a hinge setup, you will need to remove the entire hinge to access it. Unbolt the top and bottom portions of the hinge and find the angle that will allow you to remove the hinge from the track. Insert the new roller into the slots in the hinge and wiggle it back onto the track. Screw the hinge back on and tighten.

Once one roller is complete, you can move on to the next—it is very important that you only remove one hinge at a time to reduce stress on the rest of the door. However, if you also need to replace the hinges, the best time to do it is when you already have the old hinge off. Be sure the new hinge holes match the old ones so you don't have to take the door apart to drill new mounting holes.

Other Rollers

Some rollers will be in the middle of a section, so there is no hinge to remove. These are a little trickier to access, but it can be done.

  • Start by opening the door and clamping the track below your work area. There should be a seam in the track near the top of the door opening so that the track can switch from straight track to curved.
  • Using a piece of pliers, bend out one edge of the straight track so you can access the roller. Roll the door down until the roller reaches the bent out piece of track.
  • Use a flat screwdriver to pry the roller out of the track. The door is going to bend in with the roller, so don't be too concerned with this. You can even pull the door inward a bit to help get the roller out.
  • Replace the roller and pop the new roller back on the track. Repeat if you have any other rollers on that side to replace, then bend the track back into place. Once one side is done, you can move on to the other side.

Inspect the Door for Other Issues

While you are replacing the rollers, you should keep an eye out for other problems. Hinges are easy to change while you are working on the rollers, and the wrench can straighten bumps in the track as well as bend it. If your springs are in good condition, your door should be balanced so that it will hold position wherever you stop it. If the door is pulling itself up or falling constantly, you should have the springs looked at before you attempt to replace the rollers. A garage door out of control is a seriously dangerous thing.

As you can see, replacing the rollers on your garage door is not too difficult. With some patience and basic tools, you can make simple repairs without help. Just be sure to leave the serious work to those who know how to do it safely. For more information, contact a company like AA Garage Door Co.