4 High-Tech Electrical Outlets That Can Make Your Life Easier

If you are considering adding more electrical outlets to your home, then it is a great time to look into the new high-tech outlets available. If you don't currently need extra outlets, then you could also replace some of your existing outlets with high-tech versions or simply plug in some useful add-ons. The traditional electrical outlet has come a long way in recent years, and it can now be used for much more than just plugging in things. 

1. Outlet with USB Ports

If you often wish you had more USB ports on your home computer to power and charge all of your USB devices, then you are not alone. You can stop the chaos of having to constantly rotate items that need to be charged with your computer USB ports when you switch to power outlets with USB ports built right into them. 

The great thing is that most USB outlets still have the two traditional prong outlets, but they just have added USB ports along the side. That means you don't even have to sacrifice your current traditional outlets for the added bonus. 

These outlets can be used to replace your traditional power outlets easily. They are also perfect for your new outlets you are having installed. 

2. Plug Power Monitor

Unlike the USB outlets, this item can be plugged right into an existing outlet you have or a new one after it is installed. Instead of helping you increase your usage of your electrical outlet, a plug power monitor helps you monitor how much electricity a device is using while plugged in. 

A plug power monitor is a very user-friendly device that you plug into your outlet. It has an outlet on it that you then plug your electrical item into. It has a display that tells you exactly how much energy the item is using, whether it is powered on or off. This is a great tool to determine which gadgets or appliances in your home are energy-suckers, so you can use then use them more sparingly, if you can. 

When you see just how much energy an item is using when it is plugged in, yet turned off, you may then realize just how much electricity you can save by unplugging the item when it is not in use. 

3. Outlet That "Unplugs" Without Unplugging

It may sound strange at first, but there is an outlet that can allow you to "unplug' a device when you are done using it without actually pulling the plug out of the socket. Instead of unplugging the cord, you simply rotate the outlet. This cuts off all power supply to your electronic device without having to actually unplug it. This can help you save on that energy items use when not even powered on, but just plugged in. 

Unplugging items completely can leave a mess of jumbled cords lying around that can be tripped on or played with by small children or pets. When your plug stays in the wall when "unplugged", it can reduce minimize these hazards. 

4. Outlet With Cell Phone Holder

If you have to worry about picking just the right power outlet you plug your cell phone charger in to make sure you choose an outlet with a nearby table, then you are not alone. Unfortunately, you can't just plug in your cell phone charger then set the cell phone on the floor, as this is a recipe for disaster. 

There is a new outlet attachment that actually has a plastic pocket built into it to hold your cell phone while it charges. You then don't have to worry about damage to your phone while it is charging, and you can let that table be used for something more important than holding a cell phone. 

Remember to always exercise caution when installing power outlets or adding gadgets to your outlets. Seek the help of an electrician to minimize the risks of installing anything power-related that you don't feel comfortable installing yourself. 

Power outlets have come a long way, and consider some of these new outlet options to help power your gadgets, monitor the power you are using, and make your life easier!