Queen Or King Of Clean? 4 Unique Showers You May Never Want To Leave

Do you love to take refreshing showers? If you do, then you may love them even more after you see all the unique shower designs you can swap for your current shower setup. Some make shower time more efficient, while others make it a more relaxing, serene experience. Consider one or more of the following shower designs or features next time you opt for an upgrade. 

1. Color-Changing LED Shower Head

You may have heard of color-changing shower heads but quickly dismissed them as fun devices for kids. What many people don't realize is that some of these unique shower heads don't just change colors randomly, but they instead change color to reflect the temperature of the water coming out of them. 

The color of water that comes out of these shower heads ranges from red that signals hot water to blue that signals cold water. Colors for in-between temperatures vary, but they are often green or yellow. You can take note of the exact color you like the water to be when you shower, then always ensure the water is this color before you enter the shower. 

This eliminates that uncomfortable time when you first enter the shower and have to adjust the water to the correct temperature while it is either too hot or too cold. 

2. Shower Pod

If you love showers, but you hate all the work that goes into scrubbing and rinsing yourself, then you may love the shower pod. It has been nicknamed a "human washing machine", as it essentially does all the work for you while you lie down in it. You lie down in the bottom chamber of the pod, then close the lid. You then program your desired shower/bath experience into the machine. 

Water jets spray you with clean water, then spray you with skin-friendly soap/detergent solution and then rinse you. It even has extra functions you can add to the experience, like covering you with body lotion. 

This is a great option for people who love a good shower after a long day of work or play but are too tired to enjoy the work that comes along with it. Unfortunately, it does not cover your head, so it does not have hair-washing abilities at this time. 

3. Open Rain-Drop Shower 

There are many sizes and types of rain shower heads, and many don't look like anything extremely unique. They all produce many more tiny streams of water than a typical shower head does. Some are huge panels that are mounted on the ceiling above the shower, while smaller versions can be attached where the existing shower head is.

At first glance, a rain shower head may not look like it would provide a huge difference in your shower experience. When you choose an air-induction shower head, though, it turns the water coming out of the many holes of the shower head into droplets of water instead of steady streams. This gives an experience like showering in a real, outdoor rain shower. 

An added advantage of ceiling-mounted rain shower heads is that they don't cause as much water splash, so you can skip the shower door as long as you have a good drain and add a few other bathroom design elements to discourage water pooling. 

4. Steam Shower

A steam shower is an enclosed shower system with multiple functions. You enter the enclosure, and you can then push a button to either create a sauna-like experience or take a quick shower. Some even allow you to add relaxing aromatherapy scents to the steam, and others even have special water jets designed to project water onto specific acupuncture pressure points on your body. 

A steam shower contains a special steam generator that is heated with electricity, so it is very important to have this element hooked up by a licensed electrician and the special plumbing needed for the unit hooked up by a licensed plumber. Having it installed by professionals can eliminate any potential hazards of combining water and electricity. You can find a plumber by checking out this company's site at http://www.customcomfortinc.com/.

If you love showers, then make shower-time even more efficient or luxurious by upgrading to one of today's unique shower systems. You may then never want to get out of the shower again!