Using Stylized Siding To Create A New Look For Your Home

If you love vinyl siding for its easy care routine and lasting reliability, but are not crazy about its appearance, consider picking up materials that mimic other looks. Specialized siding materials can turn your home into a log house, brick abode or stucco villa. You will need to pin down your desired home style before picking out your siding materials. Furthermore, you must figure out how to accent your specialized siding choices to really cement your look. Read on to learn the best ways to use and accent advanced siding options.

Log House

Building and maintaining a log home can leave you scrambling to fix constant issues. The problems range from improper fitment during the build to leaky, rotting materials that frequently need replacement. Luckily, you can obtain the look and feel of a log home without all the issues by using stylized vinyl siding instead. You can even find siding that offers the attractive curvature of natural log materials.

Complete the traditional log home look by utilizing cedar shake shingles or painted corrugated metal sheets for the roof. Also, consider transforming old lanterns into modern porch lights to illuminate your home at night. The lighting will display the rich siding colors to make your home look warm and inviting.

Brick Abode

Traditional brick homes also have extensive maintenance needs due to the deterioration of mortar in the joints. You must have a masonry expert redo the tuck-pointing process every twenty-five years to keep your brickwork in perfect shape. Neglecting this need will cause the bricks to deteriorate and fall down over time. Faux stone or brick siding made from vinyl materials takes the tuck-pointing process completely out of the equation.

Bring your brick home style together by adding shuttered windows, thick patio columns and wrought iron railings. Since bricks have a lot of color and movement in their design, it is wise to pick a roofing material that blends into the overall look of your home. Avoid multi-colored shingle roofs or metal materials painted in bright colors to allow your brickwork to stand out.

Stucco Villa

Stucco is an incredibly versatile material that easily supports a wide range of patterns and colors. However, this means you need to have someone with a steady hand and tons of experience install the stucco finish on your home. This can be quite costly and time consuming. Furthermore, stucco can release from the support wires, leaving big gaps in your design over the years. Skip the stucco installation and repair costs, but obtain the same beautiful appearance, by choosing vinyl siding made to look like this amazing material.

Stucco-themed vinyl siding comes in marble, lace, dash, smooth and worm textures. These finishes look incredible when paired with arched entryways, frosted glass double doors and multi-tiered porches. Beautiful colored tile shingles balance out the textures of the stucco finishes.

Add Finishing Touches

Once you perfect your home's exterior components, look toward your landscape to make some finishing touches. Natural stone paths and small flowering bushes leading up to your simulated log cabin will complete the look in a satisfying way. Brickwork looks amazing when paired up with extensive greenery and stenciled asphalt paths. You can add small fruit trees and wandering pathways made from brick materials to beautifully contrast your stucco home style. Experiment with fencing and gate styles as well to complement your styling choices.

Since your siding professional is familiar with a wide range of interesting home styles, you can obtain design suggestions for a bit of direction if you are unsure about proper accents. If you are ever unhappy with your accent choices, simply change them out for a different type to see if the new style fits your vision.