8 Ways To Make Your Tiny Home Unique

The tiny house movement is gaining steam, but there are still limited design options. The very definition of a tiny home is one that is less than 500 square feet, and a micro home is often less than 200. Making such a small home unique is difficult with so few square feet to work with, but not impossible.  

1. Front Porch: Many tiny homes that are built on trailers lack a front or rear porch. On trailer-based tiny homes, the design is limited to the footprint of the trailer so building a porch would take away from the much-needed interior square footage. If you are willing to give up a few, a front porch can create a welcoming feeling and help your tiny home stand out from the crowd. 

2. Skylights: Adding light to a space is always beneficial because it creates an open feeling that is so helpful in a small space. Custom skylights and windows add some serious design punch to tiny homes. In fact, when you can only fit three or four windows in your entire house, they may as well be as beautiful as possible.

3. Tansu Stairs: Many tiny homes have either minuscule staircases or library ladders to access lofts and other storage areas. Make your space unique by adding a tansu-style staircase. This popular Japanese design involves using every square inch as utilitarian storage space so each step of a staircase becomes a useful drawer. Tansu pieces are always very handy and very lovely.

4. Floor Plan: Most tiny homes features the living area towards the front, but there are no rules to the interior layout. You can change it any way you see fit to make your space unique to you and your needs. Utilize the space to include a main floor bedroom or a full size bathroom with a luxurious tub. There may not be many square feet, but they are all yours to do with what you want. 

5. Off Grid: Your tiny home can have as many modern conveniences as you desire or it can be 100 percent off-grid. The choice is yours, and your decision makes your home truly unique. Luckily, solar panels, rain water collections systems, and wind power are all easily accessible and fairly affordable, making your dream to live off-grid closer than you think.

6. Fireplace: Tiny home owners need to be practical when it comes to selecting heating and cooling options for their homes, but there still is nothing like a real, wood-burning fireplace. Adding one to your tiny home can help create that romantic edge you were looking for. Not only does a fireplace help heat your space, but it can add to the overall ambiance of your home. 

7. Loft: Many tiny homes have a loft. Lofts are simply a good use of the vertical space. How and where you locate your loft is what can set you apart. Do you want a loft in the front of your home or the rear? What about both? Play with your floor plan until you come up with a design that works best for your needs. 

8. Kitchen: Many tiny homes have even tinier kitchen. If you love to cook and bake, however, there is no reason to give up what you love just because you want to live in a tiny house. Add a stove or an oven. While the space it takes up does take away from your overall square footage, living in a tiny home doesn't have to mean living without. In fact, you could make your entire main floor an open kitchen area. It's your house.