How To Protect Your Business Parking Lot From Damage

If you own a business with a large parking lot, then you likely spend a significant amount of money each year to maintain the asphalt pavement. Cracks can be filled and the entire asphalt surface can be sealed by a professional contractor. In between maintenance services, you should make sure that the parking lot stays in good shape. Otherwise, you may need to invest in a new asphalt surface. Follow some of the simple tips below to make sure that you do not need to do this.

Be Aware of Oil

Cars and trucks that park near your business will likely release oil onto the asphalt surface on occasion. Unfortunately, this oil will dissolve the outer sealant that covers your parking lot. This sealant is made out of coal tar or elastic polymer materials, and oil can eat though both of these sealers. Once the sealer is destroyed, the underlying asphalt will be exposed to the environment. Pot holes and other type of damage can then occur in the area.

Clean Up Oil

In most cases, professionals indicate that you should clean up oil as soon as possible to reduce damage concerns. This is not possible unless you inspect your parking lot every day. These daily inspections are not convenient or cost effective. Look for oil stains once a week or once every two weeks and use a degreaser to break up the oil.  

Look for a degreaser that is biodegradable, because this product will not release chemicals or harmful oil into the environment. Look for either a citrus or pine based product. Spread the degreaser directly on all oil stains and use a large scrub brush to remove the oil. Rinse the area with a garden hose when you are done.

Stop Speedy Customers

Your parking lot may be used by commercial vehicles when business people want to shop in your store. Asphalt is created to withstand the weight of a typical vehicle, but the asphalt itself can start to crack under the weight of commercial trucks. Some of these vehicles, like garbage trucks can place the same pressure on your parking lot as 2,000 cars.  

Once your parking lot forms cracks, the tires of fast moving cars can pull up asphalt pieces and leave large pot holes in your asphalt. You do not want to lose business by prohibiting large trucks from parking near your business, but you can stop vehicles from driving fast once they enter your parking lot.

Install Speed Bumps

One of the best ways to slow down customers in your parking lot is to install speed bumps. Speed bumps are raised pavement surfaces that are placed in private areas to force cars to slow down to about five miles per hour. Most speed bumps are between three and six inches high, so they do not damage the undercarriages of the vehicles that travel over them.  

You can contact a concrete contractor to install the speed bumps in your parking lot or you can purchase portable or movable speed bumps through a traffic supply retailer. Consider purchasing rubber varieties. If you want the bumps to remain in your parking lot permanently, then find a product that comes with anchor bolts. These bolts are commonly used to secure objects into concrete, but they can be used with asphalt as well.

When you are ready to install the speed bumps, make sure to place them in front of parking lot rows. This will slow down cars so that customers do not speed down long lanes when they look for parking spots.  

If you own a business with a parking lot that provides convenience to your customers, then you know that you need to maintain the lot properly. It is best to hire contractors to take care of pot holes and crack concerns. In between maintenance appointments, make sure to keep the asphalt from deteriorating. Click here for more info about asphalt maintenance.