4 Garage Door Considerations When You Convert The Space To A Workshop

You've decided to start using your garage as a workshop or craft room. When converting your garage to this type of usage, choose door characteristics that provide energy efficiency, comfort and security -- and general satisfaction. You'll enjoy your space more when it has all the features you want. 

Energy Efficiency

Depending on where you live, heating or cooling -- or both -- may be important factors. If you'll be running an electric space heater or if you're having electric baseboards installed, you'll want garage doors that are known for high energy efficiency so you don't waste that heat. The same is true if you plan to have a window air conditioning unit or a portable unit running much of the time. 

Insulated doors will help maintain the interior temperature at a lower utility cost. If your garage is attached to your house, insulated doors also are excellent for reducing heating and cooling energy use in your home. 

Weather stripping the garage doors is another way of maintaining climate control and lowering utility expenses. Have a bottom seal added to the doors and weather seals between the sections.

Natural Light

Natural light isn't essential in your workshop, but you may like this feature.  

Have the windows set in the top section of the door if you just want some natural light and don't care about having a view of the outdoors. That prevents passersby from seeing inside. Otherwise, have the windows placed in the third section. You can add specialized coverings to use at night or whenever you're not in the workshop. 

Another option would be to add privacy film so you can see out, but people on the outside see a mirror. 

For added natural light and a bit of contact with the outside environment during good weather, have a screen door added to the service door. 

Security Features

Previously, you may not have worried much about anyone trying to break into your garage. However, if you'll have relatively expensive equipment in there now that burglars could easily sell for a good price, you'll want to prevent break-ins. Make sure to get a garage door with a secure lock and an opening system that is burglar-proof.

The service door in the garage is another consideration. If you don't have a deadbolt on the door with a heavy strike plate, get this feature added. If your door is a bit on the flimsy side, you may want to have it replaced altogether. 

If you're going to have windows, choose laminated glass, which is the impact-resistant glass used in hurricane zones. You also can choose windows that are too small for nearly anyone to climb through.

Add motion lights to the garage exterior. That's a quick and easy way to scare off potential thieves. 

Decorative Aspects

At first thought, considering how the door looks from the inside may seem a bit silly. However, if you'll be spending a good bit of time in your workshop and crafting area, you may appreciate having it look just the way you want it to. This room will be an extension of your living space, after all.

Garage doors are available in a broad range of colors and styles so you can select a look that most appeals to you. Of course, if you want to customize the appearance, you may have it painted with a combination of colors you choose. 

What Can You Do Next?

Contact a residential door services company or two to learn about the products they offer. You may already have a good idea of the kind of door you want; looking through an online gallery or a catalog can help you narrow your choices to specifics. Soon you'll have one of the largest features of your workshop or craft room installed, adding several advantages over the old door or doors that were replaced.