Tips For Cooking On Top Of Your Wood Burning Stove

If you have a wood burning stove, you may decide that you would like to take advantage of the heat and learn how to cook simple things on top of it. Here are a few tips to help you do so without burning any food or the area around it.

Choose Your Cookware Wisely

Unlike a conventional stove, you will need to select your cookware wisely when you decide to use a wood burning stove. Pans that are too thin or have a coating may not be suitable for use on an open fire. The extreme and direct heat could burn through them or warp their shape.

You also do not want to use any pans that have a plastic handle. The fire will melt and ruin them.

For the ideal type of cookware for use on your wood stove, look for pots and pans made from heavy metals. Cast iron skillets and dutch ovens work very well for this purpose. They are very durable and will not be ruined when used over the fire. They also distribute the heat evenly, allow your food to cook faster and more thoroughly.

If you do not have a suitable pan, you can also opt to use aluminum foil. For example, if you wish to cook a pork chop on the stove, you can place it on a piece of doubled-over foil. Brush the foil with a little oil first to keep it from sticking, then put on the meat. 

Cook Only Over A Slow-Burning Fire

Whenever you cook anything on your stove, you will want to make sure your fire is low and slow burning. If you get it too hot, the food will burn quickly on the bottom while the top remains unheated. 

After you have started a sustainable fire, add pieces of hardwood like hickory or oak. They will burn more slowly than faster woods like pine. They will also continue to burn for longer at a lower heat. 

Once the hardwood has caught fire, allow it to burn for at least a half of an hour before you begin cooking. By this time, the flames should have died down to a minimum while still giving off plenty of heat to thoroughly cook your food. You still do want to keep an eye on it, however, since the flames could flare up when a pocket of air or sap has been reached.

Watch For Grease Splatters

Whenever you are cooking anything very greasy, such as bacon or sausage, you need to watch it carefully while it is on the stove. Do not leave the room for any reason. These greasy foods could splatter into the fire, causing it to flare up. The grease could then feed the fire and cause it to spark outside of the stove, creating a fire hazard.

A good rule to follow whenever you are cooking these types of foods is to make sure the fire is not exposed. Make sure the stovetop vents and the front panel are closed.

Another precaution you can take is to use a splatter guard on your pan that will decease the amount of grease allowed to escape. Just be careful when you remove it to turn your meat. Lift the part of the screen that is furthest away from your first so that any splatter does not hit and burn you.

Using the tips above will guide you on how to cook safely on your stove. However, if you want to get more involved in learning to cook more complex foods, you may want to speak with the person who installs wood burning stoves. They may be able to suggest attachments and accessories that will help you out.