Getting Your Car Repainted? 3 Unique Types Of Auto Paint You Should Consider

If you are restoring an old car or simply need to cover a few scratches on your personal vehicle, you might be thinking about getting that ride repainted. However, although it might sound like an easy decision, choosing between paint types and colors can be difficult if you have to do it on the spot at your local auto body shop. Here are three unique types of auto paint that you should consider beforehand, so that you can make a great decision.

1: Matte Finish

In a sea of glossy cars, how do you make your ride stand out? Because most vehicles are painted with a regular color topped with a shiny clear coat, even a great shade of red might look run-of-the mill next to all of the other cars on the road. However, there are ways to set your car apart without painting it neon orange or opting for fluorescent flame details.

Matte finishes are a unique auto paint option that can make your car special, without being too obvious. Although it might seem like a way to make your car blend into the background, matte finishes offer a stark contrast that people will notice.

In addition to offering a warm, soft look, matte finishes also disguise scratches better than traditional shiny paint jobs. Another great thing about matte finishes is that they disguise dirt well, so you won't have to worry about keeping that exterior squeaky clean and waxed around the clock.

If you like the matte look, ask your auto body professional about your options. You might be able to choose from new paint that naturally dries matte, or have a matte clear coat applied to your existing paint job.

2: Custom Metallic Paint

On the other hand, if you want to add a little sparkle to your car, you should consider asking about custom metallic paint. While regular paint contains pigment, a binding agent that hardens, and a carrier that makes the paint sprayable, metallic flake paint also contains tiny pieces of aluminum that catch the light and create a sparkle effect.

Auto body shops can order metallic flakes in bulk, and then mix them into regular paint to create a custom product just for you. Because metallic flakes are available in a huge variety of sizes and colors, the options are almost endless. You could opt for a nice shimmer with silver or gold micro flakes, or if you really want to make a statement, you could ask them to mix dark purple flakes into that navy blue paint job.

When you work with auto body professionals to create customized metallic paint, think carefully about your color combinations. Flake and paint options that are close to the same shade will create a lustrous look, while contrasting colors tend to provide a more dramatic appearance.

3: Color-Shifting Paint

If you really want to give other drivers something to look at, you should consider asking about color-shifting paint. This type of paint uses tiny pearlescent mica particles that actually appear to change color depending on the orientation of the car. For example, paint might appear to be blue from one angle, and then bright green from another. Some color-shifting paint even gives off a rainbow-like sheen in addition to showing off its base color.

Because color-shifting paint is so special, careful application is important. If too much paint is applied in one area, it can ruin the effect by making your car look sloppy or uneven. If you decide to have color-shifting paint applied to your car, only work with seasoned auto body professionals who are familiar with the product.

With the right paint, your boring sedan can become a dramatic statement piece or your classic car can take on a futuristic glow.