Three Ways To Make Your Business Advertising Stand Out From The Competition

Any advertising that is erected for your business is only effective if you can capture the attention of a prospective customer in seconds. If you cannot do this, you may as well put your advertising budget to better use elsewhere.

Some businesses, such as construction, have to work hard to invoke excitement when it comes to advertising. However, succinct advertising can still add growth to your earning potential. Here are three ways that you can make your advertising signage, like that from Best Neon Sign Company, stand out when compared to your competitors.

Color Combination

Have you ever tried to read a webpage, but you gave up because the color combination used strained your eyes? The same thing can happen to your potential customers if you chose the wrong color combination for your advertising signs. They will give up, and take their business elsewhere.

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America has already done all the hard research work for you. They have compiled a list of 18 different color combinations and ranked the visibility effectiveness of each one. You should keep this list in mind when designing your advertising because:

  • The most visible color combination is black writing on a yellow background.
  • When looking at a standard color wheel, the most complementary colors are the ones that stand opposite each other. These give the best contrast that can be detected by the human eye.

Remember that there is psychology attached to the colors you choose for your advertising too. Black is known as a color of power, while dark blue can be used to communicate that your company has integrity, and is serious about the building job at hand. 

Three Dimensional Advertising

Three dimensional advertising signs certainly attract more attention than the traditional two dimensional ones due to their uniqueness. Take the Colorado State Patrol advertising about truck collisions. It was so memorable that it received national television news coverage. Not only did the state patrol get their message across through the billboard, but they got additional free television advertising when the news agencies picked up the story.

When designing your advertising, you need to be careful of crossing the line where your advertising becomes too distracting to those motorists passing by. A mobile advertising campaign in Russia went wrong when the adult-themed message caused over 500 traffic accidents in one day! While this ad certainly got attention, it was being talked about for the wrong reasons.

Given that the construction industry is all about building, putting together a 3D sign that creatively features timber should not be a difficult task to achieve.

Night Lighting Your Advertising

Want to combine nighttime advertising and the chance to show your customers that you are an environmentally friendly business? Then consider having solar panels added to each of your outdoor signs to illuminate them at night without having to use electricity.

A previous study taken among consumers shows that over half of them will take your company's environmental responsibility into account when deciding whether they are going to use your services or not.

Illuminated advertising means that your message is being seen 24 hours a day, and solar power means your nighttime advertising is costing you no more than what your daytime advertising does.

As an added bonus if you use solar power for your billboard lighting at night, you get access to a 30% Federal tax credit.

By putting one or all of these three tips to use when you next organize outdoor advertising for your company, you know you are doing the best you can to reach your target market. A company does not have to be about luxury retail products to have the most effective impact on a consumer, it just needs to know how to get a punchy message across quickly. Once you have the advertising design down pat, the increase in work is sure to follow.