5 Unexpected Items You Should Never Flush Down Your Toilet

Like most homeowners, you take good care of your plumbing and make sure you do not do anything intentionally to clog drains or damage pipes. There are items that everyone knows not to flush down their toilets, and there are items that are widely believed as flushable. Unfortunately, many of the "flushable" items are turning out to be not-so-flushable after all, and you should be sure to take note of these products and start disposing of them in another way. Some don't cause immediate toilet back-ups, but they slowly accumulate in your pipes until you have a plumbing emergency that seems to spring out of nowhere. 

1.  Flushable Wipes

If you are like many people, then you may have begun using wet, adult toilet wipes alongside your usual toilet paper. Unlike baby wipes that usually clearly state "do not flush" on the packaging, these adult-targeted wipes are typically advertised and labeled as flushable. Who wouldn't trust the label?

Surprisingly, these wipes have caused plumbing problems for many homeowners, and people are even suing the product manufacturers after the wipes clog their pipes and damage their plumbing. 

If you love the wipes, then there is no reason to stop using them. Just dispose of them in the garbage can to prevent toilet clogs. 

2.  Female Sanitary Products 

Most women know not to flush sanitary napkins or plastic tampon applicators, but they think that it is okay to flush cotton tampons. They are advertised as flushable, after all, just like the toilet wipes. They have also been used for decades, so someone would have called out the companies if the products truly were not safe to flush, right?

Unfortunately, although cotton tampons are highly recognized as flushable, they can clog toilet drains and cause plumbing problems as well. The best way to dispose of them discreetly is to wrap them in toilet paper and place them in the trash can. You can then keep your modesty and your toilet pipes intact. 

3. Tissues

While flushing paper towels down the toilet is widely known to cause toilet clogs, who would think flushing a thin tissue would cause plumbing problems? Household tissues are designed to be soft and luxurious feeling on your nose, not flushable. A professional advises to never flush tissues, as they don't break down quickly when exposed to water like toilet paper does. 

The worst offenders are tissues designed with a lotion or other moisturizing additive in them. They contain oily substances that repel water, so they are even less prone to breaking down when flushed. 

4. Toilet Paper

If you are surprised that toilet paper can clog your toilet pipes, then don't worry, because there are only some types of toilet paper that are offenders. There are toilet papers emerging that have moisturizers added to them. These are clog-causers for the same reason that the tissues with moisturizers are. 

Some toilet papers can also linger longer before breaking down fully due to their composition, and this can lead to toilet paper accumulation in pipes of toilets that are used frequently. Good Housekeeping put together a great toilet-paper rating chart of top brands based on dissolvability and comfort. A quick-dissolving paper is better for your pipes. 

5. Grease From the Kitchen

Most homeowners know that pouring grease, such as bacon grease, down the kitchen sink can clog pipes. What many people do is flush the grease down the toilet instead. Unfortunately, grease can clog your toilet drain and accumulate on its pipes just as it can do to the kitchen sink drain and pipes. 

Dispose of grease by pouring it into a heatproof container and throwing it in the trash. 

Remember these items you should never flush down your toilet and dispose of them differently to save your pipes and your wallet. Next time you are about to flush anything down the toilet, think twice about whether you really should or not. However, if you should find yourself in need of an emergency plumber, go to website to find a plumbing company.