3 Symptoms Of A Sick Hot Tub

When you first purchased your hot tub, you probably imagined relaxing in a warm pool of bubbles after a long day at the office. Unfortunately, if your spa has been a little quirky lately, you might have a rough time diagnosing and repairing the problem. Here are three symptoms of a sick hot tub, and how a professional spa technician might be able to make things right again. 

1: Weird Water

Have you noticed issues with the quality of your spa water? Although you probably expect that water to be crystal clear and immaculate, you might be struggling with stinky liquid or nerve-wracking floating debris. Here are a few water issues and what they might mean.

  • Cloudy: Does your water look cloudy and dirty? Unfortunately, it might be loaded with contaminants that weren't whisked away by a functional filter. If your water looks muddy, have a spa technician replace your filters and make sure that your filtration system is operating properly. Spa technicians can also test the pH of your spa water and adjust the chemicals to correct the problem.   
  • Foamy: Bubbles might be fun when you take a bath, but if your spa is foamy, it might mean an imbalance with your water chemistry. Professional spa technicians can add special foam reducers to fix the issue.
  • Algae Growth: If your spa water contains extra contaminants and not enough sanitizing chemical, algae can grow in your hot tub. To avoid grossing out your guests, contact a spa technician immediately if you suspect any algae growth.

Taking care of your spa water will keep it clean and sanitary, so that you and your guests can relax without worrying.

2: Erratic Jets

If you rely on your spa to massage away muscle pain or to soothe your tense neck, it can be frustrating to deal with water jets that don't offer a steady stream of pressure. Although you might assume that erratic jets are a sign of a dying spa, the fact of the matter is that they can be caused by hard water buildup, motor problems, or electrical issues.

However, before you dismantle your spa to try to resolve the problem on your own, it is important to understand that there are a few inherent dangers involved with hot tub repairs. Because water is an excellent conductor of electricity, only trained spa technicians should service your system. If you have motor or electrical problems, touching live wires near a large pool of water might cost you your life.

Even simple hard water accumulation can be difficult to resolve on your own. Unless you are innately familiar with spa functionality, it can be hard to track down and remove buildup from all of the areas where water circulates.

To avoid frustrating afternoons and serious injuries, hire a professional spa technician if you have any problems with your water jets. They might be able to install a water softener or filtration system to keep hard water from creating deposit blockages, and resolve system problems without getting electrocuted.  

3: Frame Fractures

Although it might seem like a fun idea to let your friends vault into your hot tub, over time that pressure can cause cracks in your spa shell or serious frame fractures. Although a tiny crack on your cell phone case might not seem like that big of a deal, a fracture in a shell that holds hundreds of gallons of water could lead to much bigger problems.

Once your frame or spa shell has been compromised, the entire structure could fail and send a tsunami of water throughout your entire backyard, which could lead to flooding inside of your house. Unfortunately, when fractures lead to massive shell failures, you might be looking at replacing your entire hot tub.

To keep a simple crack from turning into a catastrophe, contact a spa expert at the first sign of trouble. They might be able to find the origin of the fracture, brace the structure, and restore stability to your spa.

Being able to recognize the signs of spa problems might help you to address problems early, before they spiral into huge issues. Contact a company that specializes in spa repairs at the first sign of trouble, and you may prevent large issues down the road.