Hire A Marine Contractor For Your Marine Construction Projects

If you have waterfront property, easy access to the water for boating, fishing, and swimming may be a high-priority. If you have beach-front property, the prevention of coastline erosion via the construction of a sea wall may also be of great interest. Marine construction can range from absurdly simple to highly complex depending on the depth of the water, type of water, general location, zoning laws, and the size of the project in question.

If you have never built on the water before, it would be best to hire a professional marine contractor to handle the myriad issues that might arise. Read on to learn the top reasons to hire a marine contractor for your marine construction needs.  

Expert Construction

A marine contractor will often have many years of experience in building things on, under, or near the water. A small project that might take a contractor one or two days, such as building a rail-less 16 square foot boat dock, still requires specific knowledge about deck-building.

For instance, the dock will need to be high enough out of the water to allow the beams and joints to remain out of the water. However, it also needs to be low enough so that you still have easy access to the boat that you wish to dock there. A marine contractor will be able to readily determine the proper height of the dock by determining where the high-water mark would be.

Knowledge of Zoning Laws and Construction Codes

There are a lot of different zoning laws and construction codes for building on or near the water. A professional marine contractor in the local area will be aware of these laws and codes. For instance, if you live in coastal Florida and want to build a sea wall, you may need state permission.

One example project that would require a permit would be the decision to build a sea wall in Florida that is waterward of the coastal construction control line. You will need to contact the Bureau of Beaches and Coastal Systems then try to obtain a Coastal Construction Control Line permit. It is almost a guarantee that they will require you to show proof of having an experienced marine contractor involved in the construction process.

Insurance and Guarantees

If you choose to build your own private pier or dock, you also choose to take one hundred percent responsibility for any issues that arise after or during construction. For instance, once a small dock is built, you might invite friends over to celebrate. If you take them onto the newly constructed dock and it collapses under their combined weight you will be solely responsible for the outcome. This can include anything from cleaning bills to wrongful death lawsuits. 

If you choose to hire a properly licensed marine contractor and they certify that the dock can handle a certain amount of weight and the dock collapses, the contractor will ultimately be at fault. The contractor will have insurance and other monetary guarantees against such disasters.

You can consider hiring a professional contractor to be a safe-guard against potential legal action. Ultimately, if you use the constructed item according to the manner that the contractor specifies and an accident happens due to faulty construction the contractor will be at fault.

The necessity of hiring a marine contractor for quick, legal, and safe construction cannot be stressed enough. A newly constructed dock, pier, or sea wall is meant to be used for a purpose. Hire an expert to make certain that the purpose is truly attended to and that a potential disaster might be averted.