Could A Temperature Sensitive LED Faucet Be In Your Home's Future?

Do you worry about your children, or elderly family members scalding themselves when using the hot water in your home? This is a valid worry; water that is over 120 degrees can cause scalding burns in a matter of a few minutes. Scalding causes approximately 3,800 injuries each year, and accounts for approximately 34 deaths. Being able to discern what temperature water you would be exposed to has been trial and error in the past, but with some of the new technology on the market,  this is no longer the case. A temperature sensitive LED faucet will allow you to be able to see when you water is the right temperature. Knowing what a temperature sensitive LED faucet is, how it works, as well as the other benefits it offers may help you decide whether it would be a welcomed addition to your home.

What Is A Temperature Sensitive LED Faucet?

There is a fine line between water being too hot, too cold, or just right. A temperature sensitive LED faucet will help you discern exactly where that line is. These faucets have a built in thermometer that will immediately read your water temperature and will respond by emitting the corresponding colored beam of light. These types of faucets can be found in a wide array of styles that will fit your individual taste, as well as match your individual style. You can also find a wide array of adapters that will allow you to convert your existing faucets and shower heads.

Many of the faucet models on the market run off of a hydroelectric power supply. This means that the pressure of your water will create enough power to run your motor and your light chip. Adapters on the other hand, can be found in both battery operated models, as well as hydroelectric models. The exact temperatures that will cause the change, as well as the corresponding light colors can slightly vary from one manufacturer to another. 

What Are The Advantages Of LED Faucets?

In addition to being able to select the correct water temperature by the color of the light being emitted, there are also several other benefits to installing LED faucets in your home.

They are easy to use: Simply install them. Once you turn your water on, they will be in use. Turn your water off and it will turn off. You do not have to worry about the children leaving them on when they leave the bathroom.

They allow you to teach your children to be more independent at an earlier age: Because there is a visual cue that will allow your child to select the correct water temperature, you will be able to show them what warm water looks like, as well as allow them to feel it. This will make them more comfortable, as well as you, in knowing that they are washing their hands, running their showers and baths at a safe temperature.

They are fun:  Kids and adults both sometimes like to play in water, but add water that comes in color and you notch up the fun even higher. It will give showers, baths, and hand washing the element of light and add a new look to your kitchen and bathrooms.

They provide extra illumination: The brightness of the LED lights will allow you to see anything that is placed beneath them better. This extra light could come in handy if you are trying to shave in the shower, scrub away hard to remove dirt and grime, or simply need a little extra light to see by.

They are easy to clean:  Because the LED lighting is built in, there are no extra precautions you have to use to keep your faucets clean. You will simply wipe your faucets off just like you normally would. 

They are easy to install: Most LED faucets are no harder to install than any other type of faucet. If this is something that you are not able to do or are uncomfortable attempting, call your local plumber, someone like Lowry Services: Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. They will be glad to install one for you, as well as take care of any other plumbing needs you may have.